FANTASPOA 2022 announced: “After two years of successful online editions, the 18th edition of the beloved Brazilian genre festival Fantaspoa will be back in theaters from April 15 to May 1. This year, attendees will experience a very different Fantaspoa from its last edition. on location (a very distant 2019): instead of its usual two locations, the festival will take place simultaneously in five cinemas, with part of its program also available online, geo-blocked for viewers in Brazil.

This year’s festival poster was designed by festival artistic director Thalles Mourão, with artwork by local artist Fernanda Moreira. The striking image is a mix of two centenary anniversaries: modern art weekone of Brazil’s greatest artistic movements, and FW Murnau’s 1922 cinematic masterpiece, NOSFERATU: A SYMPHONY OF HORROR.

NOSFERATU will also have a very special screening on the opening night of the festival, with musician Carlos Ferreira performing a brand new soundtrack to the Murnau classic. The closing film will be the world premiere of Andre Sigwalt and Augusto Soares’ stoner kung-fu comedy THE SMOKE MASTER.

According to João Fleck and Nicolas Tonsho, the directors of the festival, this was the most difficult program to put together in the eighteen years of their festival: “In 2020 and 2021, film admissions had declined, and for this edition we have seen a significant increase – both in the number of admissions and the overall quality of projects. We are very proud to say that more than 80% of our schedule comes directly from FilmFreeway admissions, indicating growing industry interest in screening at Fantaspoa.

Confirmed guests currently include Sylvia Caminer (FOLLOW HER), Kirill Sokolov (NO LOOKING BACK), Chadd Harbold (PRIVATE PROPERTY), Jorge Sanders (BROTHER, KEPT), Vincent Grashaw (WHAT JOSIAH SAW), Maxwell Gold (FANGA), Vinicius Coelho (THE EYES BELOW), Lucas Abrahão (UPURGA), Ethan Maquis (LEMONADE), Mariana Alom (BLUE HEART), Fabián Forte (LEGIONS), Andre Sigwalt and Augusto Soares (THE SMOKE MASTER), Sérgio Marone (JESUS KID), Priscyla Bettim and Renato Coelho (THE CITY OF ABYSS) and Leo Falcão (SUJECT).

The festival’s initial wave of 40 feature films includes seven world premieres, five international premieres, 19 Latin American premieres and seven Brazilian premieres. These films represent a total of 26 countries and have played in prestigious festivals such as Annecy, Berlinale, Cannes, Rotterdam, TIFF, Moscow, Sitges, Sundance and Tallin Black Nights.

Here are the first 40 feature films announced for the 2022 edition of Fantaspoa:

ALPHA MALE (d. Igor Priwieziencew and Katarzyna Priwieziencew, 2022, Poland, Latin American premiere)

BOW (d. Kei Ishikawa, 2021, Japan, Latin American Premiere)

BABY ASSASSINS (deceased by Yugo Sakamoto, 2021, Japan, Latin American premiere)

BACHIRA (deceased by Fong Nickson, 2021, USA, Brazilian premiere)

BLUE HEART (deceased by Miguel Coyula, 2021, Cuba, Brazilian premiere)

BROTHER, GUARDED (deceased by Jorge Sanders, 2022, Mexico, world premiere)

CAPTAIN WITTS (d. Filipe Gontijo, 2022, Brazil, World Premiere)

MOUNTAIN CHICKEN (deceased by Xi Chen, 2021, Germany/China, Latin American premiere)

SLEEP CINEMA (deceased by Jeffrey St. Jules, 2021, Canada, Latin American premiere)

ESCALATION (d. Kim Hye-mi, 2020, South Korea, Latin American Premiere)

CRABS! (d. Pierce Berolzheimer, 2021, USA, Brazilian premiere)

DOWNTOWN (d. Flip Van der Kuil, 2021, Netherlands, International premiere)

FANGGA (d. Max Gold, 2022, Iceland, International Premiere)

AM HERE (deceased by Sylvia Caminer, 2022, USA, Latin American premiere)

FOLLOW THE DEAD (d. Adam William Cahill, 2020, Ireland, Latin American premiere)

GOD CARESS YOU (d. Jamie Patterson, 2022, UK, International premiere)

POSEIDON HOTEL (d. Stefan Lernous, 2021, Netherlands, Brazilian premiere)

JACINTA (d. Javi Camino, 2021, Spain, Brazilian Premiere)

CHILD JESUS (d. Aly Muritiba, 2021, Brazil, Regional Premiere)

KILL THE EUNUCH KHAN (d. Abed Abest, 2021, Iran, Latin American premiere)

LEGIONS (deceased by Fabián Forte, 2022, Argentina, World Premiere)

LEMONADE (d.Ethan Maniquis, 2022, Dominican Republic, International Premiere)

MOON HEART (d. Aldo Salvini, 2021, Peru, Brazilian Premiere)

NEPTUNE GEL (d. Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman, 2021, USA/Rwanda, Latin American premiere)

WITHOUT LOOKING BACK (d. Kirill Sokolov, 2021, Russia, Latin American premiere)

OX HEAD VILLAGE (d. Takashi Shimizu, 2022, Japan, Latin American premiere)

POMPO: THE CINEPHILE (d. Takayuki Hirao, 2021, Japan, Latin American premiere)

PRIVATE PROPERTY (deceased by Chadd Harbold, 2022, USA, world premiere)

SOME LIKE IT RARE (d. Fabrice Eboué, 2021, France, Latin American Premiere)

SOUL PARK (d. Illés Horváth and Róbert Odegnál, 2022, Hungary, Latin American Premiere)

MATTER (d. Leo Falcão, 2022, Brazil, World Premiere)

THE BEACH AT THE END OF THE WORLD (d. Petrus Cariry, 2021, Brazil, Regional Premiere)

THE BETA TEST (deceased by Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe, 2021, USA, Latin American premiere)

THE CITY OF THE ABYSS (d. Priscyla Bettim and Renato Coelho, 2021, Brazil, Regional Premiere)

THE EYES BELOW (d. Alexis Bruchon, 2022, France, World Premiere)

THE MASTER OF SMOKE (d. Andre Sigwalt and Augusto Soares, 2022, Brazil, World Premiere)

THE TIME KEEPERS OF ETERNITY (d. Aristotelis Maragkos, 2021, Greece, Latin American premiere)

UPURGA (d. Uģis Olte, 2021, Latvia, International Premiere)

WHAT JOSIAH SAW (d. Vincent Grashaw, 2021, USA/UK, Latin American premiere)

YELLOW DRAGON VILLAGE (deceased by Yugo Sakamoto, 2021, Japan, Latin American premiere)

ZERIA (d. Harry Cleven, 2021, Belgium, Brazilian Premiere)

To learn more, visit: https://fantaspoa.com/

STANLEYVILLE trailer: “Oscilloscope Laboratories is proud to unveil the first exclusive trailer for STANLEYVILLE, the offbeat and dark feature debut from writer/director Maxwell McCabe-Lokos that has won accolades at festivals around the world.
Beginning Friday, April 22, STANLEYVILLE opens its doors for an exclusive week-long theatrical engagement in New York City at the Metrograph, with an additional rollout scheduled to follow. The black comedy stars Susanne Wuest (GOODNIGHT MOMMY), Cara Ricketts (FOX’s The Resident), Christian Serritiello, George Tchortov (Amazon’s The Expanse), Adam Brown (Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT trilogy) and genre legend Julian Richings (CUBE ).

One fine day, Maria (Wuest) decides to leave her boring job, her incompetent husband and her obnoxious daughter unceremoniously. Moments after doing so, she is invited to enter a bizarre and, ultimately, potentially very dangerous raffle contest, the rules of which are apparently unknown even to its organizers, competing against a collection of characters. idiosyncratics for a chance to win true enlightenment… and a lightly used habanero-orange compact sport utility vehicle. Dark as night and hilarious deadpan, each new escalation progressing through a twisted logic that makes perfect sense.


GRINDHOUSE’S RELEASE BRINGS DOUBLE PROBLEM WITH ELI ROTH’S “DEATH GAME” AND “KNOCK KNOCK”:Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present a special double screening of Peter S. Traynor’s classic 1970s psycho-thriller DEATH GAME and the modern remake it inspired, Eli Roth’s KNOCK KNOCK (2015).

The special event will take place on Saturday, March 26 at the Esquire Theater (320 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati, OH). Grindhouse plans to bring this terrifying double feature to more theaters across America in support of its upcoming DEATH GAME Blu-ray release.

DEATH GAME stars John Cassavetes veteran Seymour Cassel as George Manning, a family man whose perfect life turns into a nightmare of sex and torture when he is seduced by two young strangers (Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp) who show up on his doorstep one rainy night.

KNOCK KNOCK updates the story with Keanu Reeves as the married man who falls prey to temptation opposite Lorenza Izzo (ONCE UPON A TIME…IN HOLLYWOOD) and Ana de Armas (NO TIME TO DIE ) as the deranged duo who arrive on her doorstep with a special delivery of seduction and destruction.

Eli Roth says, “I found an old copy of Death Game with my friend Colleen Camp, and was completely blown away by what an amazing movie it was. I did Knock Knock (produced with Colleen Camp and Sondra Locke) in the hope that people would. rediscover what I believe to be a lost gem of utterly insane and masterful 70s cinema. they made the movie. Death Game is truly one of those films that you have to see to believe – it’s so wild. Knock Knock and Death Game never had decent theatrical releases, so I’m glad fans can enjoy both on the big screen like they were meant to be. being seen.”

Tickets are on sale now:


The DEATH GAME 2 Blu-ray Disc Special Collector’s Edition, limited to 2,000 copies, ships this month to customers who order directly from GrindhouseReleasing.com. A consumer edition will follow later this year. No street date has been set.”

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