Horror in ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘From’, TCM’s Sidney Poitier Tribute, Salutes to Presidents (Lincoln and LBJ), John Oliver Returns, Winter Olympics Closes

zombie thriller The Walking Dead resumes its final season, while a new horror shows up in the Epix creepshow From. TCM is celebrating the late Sidney Poitier on what would have been his 95th birthday weekend with a two-day marathon of movie classics. To mark Presidents Day, History Channel salutes abraham lincoln in a three-night docuseries as CNN explores the legacy of Lyndon Baines Johnson in a two-night profile. HBO’s Emmy-winning John Oliver returns for a ninth season of barbed commentary in Last week tonight. And the flame goes out on the Winter Olympics during the closing ceremonies on Sunday.

Josh Stringer/AMC

The Walking Dead

SUNDAY: The second of three eight-episode arcs in the zombie thriller’s final season begins with the Reapers targeting Meridian – Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in particular – setting up a showdown between Maggie and the new leader of their antagonists, Leah (Lynn Collins), he was once the object of Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) affections. Back in Alexandria, a storm of biblical proportions threatens little Judith (Cailey Fleming) and Grace (Anabelle Holloway), trapped in a flooded basement as walkers poured in. And how will the beleaguered survivors react when representatives of the Commonwealth show up?

The Walking Dead - AMC
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Tabitha, Eion Bailey as Jim in From



SUNDAY: Like a proverbial roach motel in The twilight zone, once you enter the nameless spooky city of this existential horror series, you can never get out. This is the dilemma faced by characters trapped in Fromwhich contains unmistakable echoes of Stephen King, Shirley JacksonHitchcock, Rod Serling and Lost-including the star of this latest show, Harold Perrineau. He plays tormented Sheriff Boyd, who lays down the rules of survival for a young family who unfortunately crashed their RV in the nearby woods. Rule #1: Don’t go out at night when hungry bogeymen are on the prowl.


abraham lincoln

SUNDAY: Renowned historian Doris KearnsGoodwin (Rivals team) is the executive producer of a three-night definitive biographical documentary covering the life and career of the 16th President, who presided over the Civil War and the dissolution of slavery before his untimely assassination. The series features interviews with historians and President Barack Obama and delves deep into an archive of letters, writings and speeches. Actor Graham Sibley depicts lincoln.


LBJ: triumph and tragedy

SUNDAY: Barring breaking news, the channel is marking the Presidents Day holiday with a two-night profile of the master politician who became president after jfk assassination in Texas. LBJ’s triumphs in passing important civil rights and Great Society legislation were ultimately overshadowed by the turmoil in Vietnam, but his larger-than-life personality makes Lyndon Baines Johnson one of the outstanding figures of the political life of the 20th century. The special features interviews with the last surviving members of his entourage, and Johnson is heard in secretly recorded audio tapes.

Last week tonight with John Oliver

Lloyd Bishop/HBO

Last week tonight with John Oliver

SUNDAY: After a three-month hiatus, the Emmy-winning, brutal-witted satirist is back to deconstruct in hilarious and often dyspeptic detail the issues that matter most in a world perpetually on the brink of crisis. I wonder what he will tackle next.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - HBO


Winter Olympics

SATURDAY SUNDAY:Before the torch is extinguished in Sunday’s closing ceremonies, which can be streamed live at 7 a.m. ET or seen on NBC’s prime-time rerun (8/7c), there are still more sports to enjoy the last weekend of the Winter Games in Beijing. Among the highlights of Saturday: the free pairs skating at Figure skatingMen and women Speed ​​skating, Men’s Cross-Country Skiing, Alpine skiing team events, Curling and Bobsled. Late night live coverage on Saturday includes the figure skating gala performance on NBC, and in the United States, the men’s ice hockey gold medal game. For a complete list by sport of what to watch, where and when, go to nbcolympics.com/schedule.

Tribute to Sidney Poitier:

  • (Begins Saturday at 8/7c, Turner Classic Movies): With 12 movie classics over two nights, TCM celebrates the career of the groundbreaking black movie star who passed away last month. He would have turned 95 on Sunday, and in his honor the movie chain has extended a planned one-day tribute to a full weekend of great Sidney Poitier performances. It starts Saturday with the 1967 crime classic In the night heatt, (with Oscar winner Rod Steiger), continuing its decisive role in the years 1958 the defiants (10/9c) opposite Tony Curtisand continuing on Sunday with highlights, including 1955’s blackboard jungle (noon/11c), 1967 To sir with love (2/1c) and his Oscar-winning role in 1963 field lily (4/3c).

Inside Weekend TV:

  • A discovery of witches (Saturday, streaming on Sundance Now, Shudder and AMC+): As Diana (Teresa Palmer) plots to save Matthew (Matthew Goode) from being tortured to death by Benjamin (Jacob Ifan) in the series finale, expect to revelations from the Book of Life.
  • Caught in its web (Saturday, 8/7c, Lifetime): Whoopi Goldberg executive produces true-to-life film about three female victims of a cyberbully and their efforts to bring him down with the help of a detective (Garcelle Beauvais) .
  • Rich and shameless (Saturday, around 10:30 a.m./9:30 a.m.): If you watched the dramatization Pam and Tommy on Hulu, see the real thing in a documentary chronicling (airing after the conclusion of the NBA on TNT Saturday Night State Farm All-Star), which serves as a preview for an upcoming true-crime anthology series. Get the juicy details of what happened to celebrity couple Pamela Anderson and Tom Lee when their private sex tape was stolen and marketed on the fledgling internet.
  • Brooklyn nine-nine (Sunday, 5/4 p.m., Comedy Central): To welcome acclaimed crime comedy to the lineup, with episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Comedy Central presents a seven-hour marathon of classic episodes.
  • 60 minutes (Sunday 7/6c, CBS): Could ‘Havana syndrome’ also be happening here? In a two-part report, Scott Pelley reveals that senior Homeland Security officials from the previous administration experienced symptoms of dizziness, confusion and memory loss on the White House grounds and in their Washington homes , DC, much like the neurological diseases suffered. by diplomats in Cuba and other foreign countries since 2016.
  • Around the world in 80 days (Sunday, 8/7c, PBS, see local listings at pbs.org): In the conclusion of the Masterpiece adaptation of Jules Verne classic, Fogg (David Tennant) and his friends hit New York, where a distraction could prevent them from completing their run to London. Followed by a special Christmas episode of All creatures big and small (9/8c, see local listings at pbs.org).
  • 71st NBA All-Star Game (Sunday, 8/7c, TNT): Watch the mighty game. And soak.
  • soul summer (Sunday, 8/7c, ABC): The Oscar-nominated documentary by quest love gets a well-deserved network showcase, reliving the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival.
  • Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder (Sunday 9/8c, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries): The amateur sleuth played by Candace Cameron Buré is shown as a teenager in flashbacks played by her own daughter, Natasha. At the time, she discovered a corpse in a mansion that is now bought to be returned by Aurora’s own mother (Marilu Henner).
  • I was there (Sunday, 10:30 a.m./9:30 a.m., History): Bringing history to life through CGI technology and archival material, this non-fiction series is hosted by Theo EJ Wilson, grandson of a Tuskegee airman. It slots into recreations of historical events, starting with the Hindenberg disaster in 1937. Another episode airs Monday, dealing with the 1889 Johnstown flood.

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