Horror movies about being a mother

Motherhood is intrinsically linked to horror. Themes range from body horror parallels of having something growing inside you, to how pregnancy changes the way one thinks and acts. The films explore the fear that something might happen to one’s child, or the maniacal matriarchs who instill fear in their children. Horror and motherhood go hand in hand.

Classics like Rosemary’s baby and even Fighting spirit feature strong themes of maternal fear, but there are many examples of mothers in horror. From deadly pregnancies to vampiric maternal protection, here are some horror films about mothers that will make viewers think twice about the miracle of life.


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Andy Muschietti’s directorial debut Mom has been released in 2013, and stars Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj-Coster Waldau. After the financial crisis of 2008, a distraught and deranged stockbroker murders his colleagues and his wife before fleeing with his two daughters to an isolated cabin to kill them. However, when he tries, he is attacked and killed by an entity. Five years later, her twin brother Lucas finds the abandoned girls and rescues them, not realizing that the cabin thing has followed them.

Back in the suburbs, it becomes clear that the girls aren’t the only thing that’s returned from the woods. Lucas is attacked and ends up in a coma while the girls refer to Mama, who protected and cared for them in the cabin. As the story unfolds, Mom’s origins become clear. To save the children, mom must find her lost child before taking the two girls to the afterlife with her.

2014 Austrian Psychological Horror Good night mom sees twins Elias and Lukas begin to believe that their mother, who has returned from surgery, may not be their mother at all. After undergoing cosmetic surgery, Mother returns home with a withered face completely wrapped in bandages. Only his mouth and eyes are visible. The children are understandably afraid of her appearance, but she also begins to act differently, ignoring Lukas and picking on Elias when he misbehaves.

The two boys tie her to the bed, interrogate her and burn her when she does not respond as they wish. They seal her mouth with superglue, then open it again so she can eat. The tension mounts and evolves into a dark and violent storyline as Mother desperately tries to convince her sons that she is their true parent.

German-British Netflix Movie 2021 blood red sky is a vampire movie set on a hijacked plane. Nadja and her son Elias board a plane to New York, so Nadja can get treatment for leukemia. As the plane takes off, a group of men, including the co-pilot, murder the crew and the air marshals and sabotage the black box. Flying in for ransom, the men spot Elias and Nadja trying to hide, and Nadja is shot.

Unfortunately for the hijackers, Nadja did not die from the gunshot. Instead, she is a vampire who is now enraged and on a mission to protect her son. As her true form is revealed, the fight to recover the hijacked plane begins with Nadja struggling to keep her bloodlust under control and failing as more passengers and hijackers become infected and the sky turns red.

The first collaboration between A24 and Ari Aster, 2018’s Hereditary became a modern horror classic in a very short time. The films star Toni Collette as matriarch Annie Graham, a miniature artist married to psychiatrist Steve (Gabriel Byrne) and mother of two children, Peter (Alex Wolff) and Charlie (Milly Shapiro). After the death of Annie’s mother, Ellen, the family begins to fall apart. More than that, they are continually beset by tragedies and supernatural occurrences.

Praised for its unsettling atmosphere and terrifying scares, Collette’s depiction of a broken-down mother won universal acclaim. To say more about the plot is to spoil it for those who haven’t watched it, but the claustrophobic and gruesome family story is a must-watch for horror fans.

Written, directed and performed by British comedian and actress Alice Lowe, Prevent is a dark horror comedy. It tells the story of the widow Ruth, who deals with the sudden death of her husband and the impending birth of their child. Ruth becomes convinced that her unborn child is hungry for revenge and coerces her into killing those involved in the accident that killed the child’s father. As the birth of her daughter approaches, Ruth becomes increasingly sadistic in her murders. The comedy slowly slips out of the film as she begins to revel in the harassment and murder of those whose death her baby demands.

Filmed in 2 weeks, while Lowe herself was very pregnant, Prevent is a dark, thoughtful meditation on the dread of suddenly raising a child alone. Lowe perfectly portrays the spiral of a lonely, fearful and angry woman, offering rare feminine insight into the pressures of motherhood and dealing with the depths of loneliness.

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