Horror satire “The Pizzagate Massacre” takes a look at “the most bizarre crime that has ever happened” [Poster]



Making fun of conspiracy theorists and the absurd things they believe, upcoming movie The Pizzagate massacre would be a “grindhouse horror satire”, directed by an independent filmmaker John Valley and we are soon on our way. In the meantime, the official poster has been shared with Bloody Disgusting today, designed by Marc Schönbach of sadistic art designs.

Archstone Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment are scheduled to release the film on November 19 on VOD, we were told. Discover retro art exclusively below.

The press release explains …

“The Pizzagate massacre, a comedy thriller based (largely) on the infamous – and debunked – alt-right conspiracy theory.

“Earning critical acclaim early on, Texas director John Valley’s debut film is billed as a dark, comedic adventure involving an amateur journalist and far-right militiaman teaming up to expose the horrific truth behind the rumors. involving sex sects, a pizzeria and the lizard people.

“Valley and its Pizzagate Massacre executive producer Aaron B. Koontz, CEO and Founder of Paper Street Pictures, secured the distribution rights in the United States with Jack Sheehan, Scott Martin and Michael Slifkin of Archstone Entertainment. International rights went to Toronto-based genre specialist Michael Paszt with Raven Banner Entertainment (Turbo Kid, PG: Goreman psychopath).

“Recent films from Koontz’s Paper Street Picture store include The pale door and Fear package, while upcoming titles include The shark, a shark survival thriller starring Alicia Silverstone, and thriller Old man, with Stephen Lang. Future versions of Archstone, meanwhile, including Esau, with Harvey Keitel and Shira Haas, The experience of the blackout, Fair blood with Michel Paré, The devil has come home and Enter forever.


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