Horror Streaming – 13 horror movies to stream in October 2022!

Happy Halloween and welcome to the high season of horror! It’s officially that time of year when everyone embraces the genre. This year might even be busier than most with the dense lineup of streaming Halloween shows.

This month brings an insane array of new releases and exclusive horror streaming titles, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few notable highlights.

Here are 13 standout horror titles available to stream in October 2022 on some of the most popular streaming services, as well as when and where you can watch them.

Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser IIscream box – October 1st

Leviathan from ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ (1988)

Need to refresh your hellraiser knowledge? Dig into this robust document that uncovers the history and creation of Clive Barker hellraiser and Hell: Hellraiser II movies. It’s so expansive that you’ll probably want to break it up into multiple viewings. The horror documentary will air exclusively on the SCREAMBOX powered by Bloody Disgusting!

Mr. Harrigan’s phone – Netflix, October 5

Telephone of Mr. Harrigan. Jaeden Martell as Craig in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. cr. Nicole Rivelli/Netflix © 2022

An adaptation of one of the stories featured in Stephen King’s recent collection of four novels If it bleeds (2020). When Craig, a young boy living in a small town (Jaeden Martell), befriends Mr. Harrigan, an older, reclusive billionaire (Donald Sutherland), the two begin to form an unlikely bond over their love of books. and reading. But not even Mr. Harrigan’s death can separate them in this supernatural coming-of-age story.

Deadstream – Thrill, October 6

horror movie streaming

The feature debut of husband-and-wife filmmaking couple Vanessa and Joseph Winter follows a disgraced internet personality who tries to win back his subscribers by live-streaming a night alone in a haunted house. The Winters channel Sam Raimi in their delightfully gonzo horror-comedy full of bodily fluids, gore, and ghostly creatures. Seriously, this is a highlight of 2022.

hellraiser – Hulu, October 7

Hellraiser horror streaming

Hulu has such sites to show us this Halloween. Director David Bruckner finds The night house Ben Collins writers and Luc Piotrowski for a highly anticipated new episode of hellraiser. A young woman struggling with an addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its resolution opens the doors to a hellish dimension.

My half – Paramount+, October 7

Maika Monroe stars in this thriller which sees a young couple take a remote backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest. They face grim events that lead them to realize that all about the place is not what it seems. The film is written and directed by Dan Berck and Robert Olsonthe duo behind the little-known nugget of 2019 Bad guys.

night werewolf – Disney+, October 7

Night Werewolf review

Ulysses Bloodstone in Marvel Studios’ WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 WONDER.

The death of Ulysses Bloodstone leaves the throne open to a new leader of his guild of monster hunters. His wife has assembled a group of the most ruthless monster slayers at Bloodstone Castle for a ceremonial hunt to determine their new ruler. Enter Jack Russell (Gael Carcia Bernal), a reluctant hunter who harbors a some shocking secrets. Composer Michael Giacchino helms this mix of Marvel movies and Universal Classic Monster throwback.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow –Netflix, October 14

The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Marlon Wayans as Howard in The Curse of Bridge Hollow. cr. Frank Masi/Netflix © 2022.

What’s Halloween without a horror movie the whole family can enjoy? A father (Marlon Wayans, horror movie) and her teenage daughter (Priah Ferguson, “Stranger Things”) are forced to team up and save their town after an ancient, mischievous spirit brings Halloween decorations to life and wreaks havoc.

Halloween ends – Peacock, October 14

Halloween ends Peacock

Halloween ends

The final entry in this trilogy gives you the option to see the final battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode on the big screen or from the comfort of your couch. Halloween ends takes place four years later halloween kills.

You are so cool, Brewster! Part 1 & Part 2 – Screambox, October 14

horror streaming fear night doc

This long, in-depth documentary scary night and Fright Night Part 2 comes to Screambox exclusively. It features exclusive cast and crew interviews, rare photography, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

V/H/S/99 – Thrill, October 20

Get ready to party like it’s 1999. The latest entry in the popular anthology franchise brings together directors Johannes Roberts, Maggie Levin, Flying Lotus, Tyler MacIntyre and Vanessa & Joseph Winter for five new, air-only horror tales on Shudder.

Matron – Hulu, October 21

After an overdose, Laura Birch (Jemima Rooper) returns home to her mother (Kate Dickie). She soon discovers that the townspeople are all guarding an indescribably dark secret – one that involves not only her mother but also her terrifying fate. Expect things to get weird in this popular horror tale.

Resurrection – Thrill, October 28

horror streaming resurrection

Margaret (Rebecca Hall) leads a successful and orderly life, perfectly balancing the demands of her busy career and single parenthood with her fiercely independent daughter Abbie. Everything is under control. But that careful balance is upset when an unwanted shadow from her past, David (Tim Roth), returns, taking with him the horrors of Margaret’s past. This psychological thriller goes to wild places.

Wendell and savage – Netflix, October 28

WENDELL & WILD – (L-R) Kat (voiced by Lyric Ross) and Sister Helley (voiced by Angela Bassett). Credit: Netflix © 2022

The story, co-written with Peele, opens with a tragic sequence that leaves our protagonist Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross) an orphan at age eight. Cut to five years later, where a more troubled Kat is dropped off at a Catholic school in her hometown of Rust Bank for a tax credit. Things get complicated when Kat’s return awakens her Hellmaiden powers, putting her in the crosshairs of demon brothers Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Jordan Peele). Henry Selick demonstrates his mastery of delightfully dark, horror-tinged animated stop-motion storytelling.

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