How a dark theory connects the collector and the puzzle

The Saw franchise is at the center of many thought-provoking theories, including a possible connection to its rejected prequel, The Collector.

Initial development on the horror / thriller film, The collector, named it as a prequel to the Seen franchise under the provisional title The midnight man. Divergent opinions then moved the concept to an original film, entirely separate from the Jigsaw universe; however, theories began to emerge that The collector and Seen took place in the same universe, despite the removal of the direct association “prequel”.

With Juan Fernández as the titular villain and with Josh Stewart, Michael Reilly Burke and Andrea Roth, The collector focuses on the Chase family, victims of an attempted robbery by their handyman, Arkin (Josh Stewart), who plans to steal a valuable ruby ​​in order to pay off the debt his wife owes the loan sharks. Upon entering the house, Arkin discovers that another masked assailant, who has a particular obsession with homemade traps, has already broken into.

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It is later revealed that the Masked Man is a “collector” of people, but he only collects one person in a household and kills all the rest. Additionally, The Collector is a big fan of kidnapping and torture, clearly enjoying the suffering of others.

the collector

Originally appeared on Reddit for Bi0_B1lly, the theory that The collector and Seen are related has gained some recognition for its credibility. First, Jigsaw and The Collector opt for convoluted traps to neutralize their victims. Although their motivations are divided, the methods used to achieve their goals are surprisingly similar. Aside from that analogy, there’s not much else that associates The Collector with John Kramer. However, another interesting version of the theory indicates that The Collector was the sole survivor of Kramer’s Trials, identical to Amanda Young, aka The Pig.

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Amanda survived her horrific torment and became Jigsaw’s protégé, and she took over the “business” of torturing the unworthy and ungrateful after John’s death. Therefore, if Amanda can do it, there is no reasonable doubt as to why The Collector should be any different. If John had seen the will to live and the untapped potential in The Collector, he might take another successor under his wing. By this logic, The Collector and Amanda Young could be like-minded partners.

Additionally, further exploration of the theory indicates the strong possibility that Mark Hoffman, the secondary antagonist of Saw IV and the main antagonist of V saw, VI and 3d, became The Collector, which is a very possible conclusion, given that all four films took place around the same time as The collector. Hoffman also exhibits similar traits to Kramer, so he is another contender in pursuit of his legacy. Little evidence supports these branching theories, but it gives rise to a fascinating debate, and the mere possibility is still food for thought.

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