How a friend connection helped Courteney Cox land her new TV role

Courteney Cox is very busy these days. She recently picked it up Yell role in the franchise’s latest installment and now directing Starz’ new series, shining valley. It provides Cox with a meaty role, and it turns out to be surprising Friends connection helped her land the gig.

Old Friends writer Jeff Astrof created shining valley and recently spoke about throwing Courteney Cox in the lead. Astrof explained to THR that he was looking for the perfect person to play the role and that he finally made a decision after receiving an unexpected phone call:

My phone rang and [the caller] said, ‘Jeff, it’s Courteney.’ I said, ‘Courteney, who?’ She said, ‘Cox.’ I reminded her that the last time we spoke, there weren’t even any cell phones. She said, ‘Look, I just read your script, and it was written for me. I have to do it. It’s my heart. I know what it is to be a mother. I know what it’s like to be at that age. I know what it’s like to suffer like this. She is a powerhouse.

According to the article, the role called for someone who had dark hair and was a real mother. Because Courteney Cox ticks both boxes, it’s no surprise that she immediately wanted to be a part of it. Although the two haven’t spoken since working on the NBC sitcom, it seems Cox and Jeff Astrof got along really well when it comes to the new show.

Corn Friends Completed nearly 20 years ago, it still remains close to the heart of the Monic Geller actress as well as the rest of the cast. It was clear during the HBO Max special meeting, during which they shared good memories of working together. Although the star doesn’t think there will be another one in the future, we can at least hope that the group will work on new projects again, like shining valley.

A horror comedy series, shining valley follows a dysfunctional family that has just moved to a small town in the city. Courteney Cox’s Patricia “Pat” Phelps is a former “wild child” who rose to fame for scandalous reasons. On top of that, the house she and her family move into is the site of previous tragedies. The series also stars Greg Kinnear, Gus Birney, Dylan Gage, Merrin Dungey and Mira Sorvino.

The new show is definitely not Friends, which I can say with certainty. Although it seems like the perfect project for Courteney Cox. Not just because she fits the character description, but because she can use what she’s learned from her comedy and horror work. She’s great at both, and it’s no wonder Jeff Astrof chose her for the project. Also, if you’re going to cast a show like this, get a star who’s had real-life experience with a supposed haunted house.

shining valley airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Starz and is also on CinemaBlend’s list of new shows.

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