How Junji Ito’s Art Would Have Made Silent Hills The Series’ Scariest Entry Yet


Much has been written about Hideo Kojima’s infamous horror project, Silent hills. As talks about a reboot of the franchise continue to circulate, some fans are starting to wonder if they are trapped in a never-ending cycle of rumors and hype, much like the repeated halls of TP, the playable teaser of the canceled game.

However, it wasn’t just the involvement of legendary author Kojima that has already made fans drool over his Silent hills Game. Kojima had gathered a wide range of talent, many of which later featured in his first post-Konami outing, Death stranding. However, a star who was not involved in Death stranding, but was certain that he had made a powerful contribution to the Silent hills project, was revered horror manga writer and artist Junji Ito.


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The terrifying work of Junji Ito

Junji Ito Tomie

Junji Ito was born in 1963 and was immersed in horror from an early age when his older sisters introduced him to the work of writers like Kazuo Umezu. He started writing and drawing manga in 1984 while working as a dental technician, and submitted a short story to “Gekkan Halloween” magazine in 1987. He won an honorable mention in a competition for which Umezu himself was one of the judges.

This story was then serialized as Tomie, one of Ito’s most famous creations, about a girl who makes men fall in love with her but then finds herself consumed by jealous and murderous rage. This often results in them killing Tomie in brutal and violent ways, scattering parts of his body and pulverizing his blood – all of which have the power to regenerate, creating more clones of Tomie to spread his bizarre curse.

This kind of weird, very original and grotesque storytelling has become Ito’s hallmark. His other critically acclaimed and beloved horror works include Gyo, a story of undead fish propelled by metal legs that invade the shore to slaughter the living. Uzumaki, his most famous work, received a video game adaptation as well as a live-action film version.

First serialized in 1998, Uzumaki, which translates to “Spiral,” tells the story of the fictional town Kurouzo-cho, which is plagued by a strange paranormal curse. Whenever spiral shapes manifest in the city, whether they are incredibly long rows of townhouses, snail shells or jack-in-the-box springs, disturbing and blood-drenched developments are not far away. The poignant and unique images created for this work have already served as inspiration for other video games, with some of Transmitted by bloodCreatures of creatures would owe a debt to Ito’s sinister creations.

Ito adapted other literary works as well, using his talents as a storyteller and artist to transform them into manga and populate them with his nightmarish visions. that of Osamu Dazai Is no longer human and Mary Shelley Frankenstein have both received the Junji Ito treatment in recent years, with horribly effective results.

Thanks to his huge catalog of spooky images, Junji Ito was finally contacted by Hideo Kojima, who asked him to join his Silent hills dream Team. Sadly, fans never got to see his work on the game take shape, as the project was canceled soon after by a publisher apparently more interested in Solid metal gear sequelae and pachinko machines.

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What Junji Ito could have brought to Silent Hills

Ironically, the silent Hill The franchise is already well known for the work of another Ito, namely Masahiro Ito, the creature maker famous for creating the iconic Pyramid Head. With the illustrations of the games already one of their most famous components, the one who directed the artistic design on Silent hills would have had big shoes to fill – shoes that Junji Ito would have been more than able to slip into.

The monsters in silent Hill are renowned for mixing disgusting and sexual elements, with enemies such as Nurse Bubble Head being prime examples of this disturbing juxtaposition. Such combinations are in the aisle of Ito, with Tomie being a great showcase of his ability to mix the terrifying with the alluring. The main character of the manga is incredibly beautiful, but often appears in gruesome and repulsive scenes as his regenerative powers are used in ever more inventive ways.

Besides its psychosexual aspects, silent Hill has also featured some truly smelly and disturbing imagery over the years. In the best titles in the franchise, these visuals are used not to overwhelm the player with the constant schlock and gore of the B movies, but to catch them off guard when they’re most vulnerable. A memorable boss fight in Silent Hill 2 takes place in the hospital, when the protagonist James Sunderland is locked in a room with “lips of flesh”. These two creatures look like malformed pieces of meat suspended in rusty cages, with human limbs and wiggly lips protruding from their central mass.

Ito is no stranger to these grotesque images. His style is to slowly create a shocking revelation, using a patient writing approach to create fear and anticipation, before assaulting the player with a huge full-page image of something truly terrible. There are few working artists in the world with a better record of delivering the shocking shows that a successful modern horror title demands.

Ito is also a true innovator, another aspect in which the silent Hill the series has always excelled. Rather than relying on tropes and horror clichés, Ito has proven with titles like Uzumaki that he is able to evoke completely original means to terrify and annoy his audience. This creativity would have been perfect for silent Hill, with a successful reimagining of the series requiring an innovative conception of the world and creatures.

Cancellation of Silent hills means we’ll probably never see Junji Ito’s work on an original video game. However, Ito is still active, not only creating new manga, but also working with other creatives to adapt his work, as in the next one. Uzumaki animated adaptation. If the Silent hills project was never resurrected, as some rumors continue to suggest, so fans are hoping that the unholy marriage of silent Hill and Junji Ito can still come to fruition.

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