In India, we are stuck on a particular way of presenting horror films

Filmmaker Vishal Furia has slowly and steadily become a master of the horror genre. He did a brilliant “Laapachaapi” in Marathi and then did it again in Hindi under the name “Chhorii”. Both films received a huge response from audiences. He is one of the few who managed to remake an original Marathi, to keep his essence while doing it for a pan-Indian audience, and also to taste the success with him.

Speaking of the same, Furia says, “The biggest change (from Marathi to Hindi) we had to make was this setup. Previously the setup was done with one state in mind, but now it had to be designed for the Pan-Indian audience. This time we had to write the story, design the setup in such a way that the Pan-Indian audience could relate to and not be alienated by the story. The public should not feel that the story is in a different state and that it will not happen around us. This was something we really had to be careful of and that’s why we designed a fictional world that encompasses elements from multiple states in India so that people across India can relate to it. .

He adds: “The change was reflected in the sets, in the costume design, in the language they spoke and also in terms of the overall setup. Emotions are said to be unanimous across India; they stay the same that’s what we wanted to show. We didn’t have to worry much about the emotion part though. Emotions are always common when it comes to pan-India. This is why people can relate to films from different states. I think the way of expressing emotions sometimes changes and that’s something we had to deal with. “

But nowadays audiences are subjected to various regional and global cinemas due to OTT. It must have been a challenge to make sure the story doesn’t look “already seen”. “Also, the major change we had to make was that these days audiences are subjected to a lot of international content due to the different platforms available. So we had to improve the quality of the production with that in mind, improvements were made to the filming of the film, better equipment was used and overall the whole storytelling process had to be improved. . We wanted it to look like a product that Indian audiences can admire and be proud of. The motivation and reactions of the characters have also been changed from the original. Myself, as a human being, I have changed from the person I was when I did “Laapachaapi”. Even these changes were reflected in the script, ”says Furia.

‘Chhorii’ turned out to be one of the biggest releases of the month on the OTT platform where it was posted. It is one of the few horror films to have been so well received by Indian audiences. As a writer-director, is the horror genre less explored in India?

“I think I also explore this genre. I wouldn’t say I’m a complete master. I’ve worked on this genre regularly, but to be quite frank, I also explore this genre and the possibilities it offers. In India I think we are stuck with a particular way of presenting horror movies or writing horror movies and that includes a lot of Bollywood touches like songs and romance and stuff like that. So the horror ends up staying in a horror movie and that’s something that’s a bit disturbing. If you see the global storyline, the horror genre has evolved a lot. People are really trying to show different kinds of horror stories and implement them in different ways. I would just say that we have to continue to evolve the genre and bring something new to the genre. It is time for us to do this in India. We made an attempt with ‘Chhorii’ on our side and we hope to continue this attempt as the film is appreciated. I can say that most of the viewers really liked the movie. They welcomed the new style of storytelling that we have used for this genre in our country. We had a very positive response and that only motivated me to go ahead and keep releasing films like this, ”concludes Furia.

On the work side, Furia also released ‘Bali’, a Marathi thriller on OTT, which also received very good reviews. We will then see him creating “Forensic” in which actor Vikrant Massey and actress Radhika Apte play the main role.

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