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PinkPantheress has just been named winner of the BBC Sound Of 2022 poll, following viral hits on TIC Tac, a Top 20 mixtape and huge industry buzz.

In an enlarged version of our report in the latest edition of Music week, PinkPantheress’ management and label spoke about the 2021 star’s groundbreaking ambitions and artistry.

Mystery surrounds the Bath-born singer, songwriter and producer, who has built a huge hit on TikTok with concise tracks that draw heavily on samples from the 90s and 2000s to polish her eclectic alt-pop sound. .

Pink panther, whose true identity has yet to be revealed, signed with Parlophone earlier this year when she was still a student at 20.

“It was an old-fashioned signing,” said Parlophone co-chair Nick Burgess. Music week. “PinkPantheress was discovered with a data tool that we have, one of our A&R staff spotted the numbers very early on. She had the energy and the vision and we shared that vision. We signed it very quickly without any competition.

“It was just a true, instinctive A&R decision using data. So it was quite modern [approach to] sign but always with the conviction that she is the real deal. We all thought she was the kind of artist who Parlophone was looking back then, she was the epitome of what Parlophone is right now – futuristic but with credibility, true artistry and talent.

Inspired by the aesthetics of horror films, PinkPantheress’ first mixtape, To Hell With It, landed the Top 20 in October. It has sales of 14,780 with the vast majority of flows, according to the Official Charts Company.

The first single Break It Off was released in June and entered the Top 75. It has sold 119,550 sales to date. Pain, which peaked at # 35 (172,309 sales), has 130 million streams on Spotify alone.

PinkPantheress’ biggest hit to date is Just For Me, which peaked at # 27 in September (132,554 sales).

“The thing with PinkPantheress is that it’s so clear that everything she does comes directly from her,” said Phoebe Gold, artistic director at Up Close. “Seems like this is why everyone is resonating so much with their project – and why the fans are really leading the charge, and almost like the industry is catching up.”

In 2021, PinkPantheress exploded on TikTok, where it amassed 1.1 million followers and 8.3 million likes. She appeared in the platform Year-end review of disrupted stars.

Burgess said she is helping redefine the platform’s possibilities beyond viral hits.

“It’s almost like it’s starting to be a platform to really develop an artist,” he said. Music week. “She has used this platform perhaps smarter than anyone before.

“She’s still a great performer and that is a testament to her and us not getting too caught up in the TikTok thing, just letting her develop using TikTok.” She understands it, and that’s why it feels very pure the way she’s used it.

“We’re talking about TikTok artists, and it brings to mind certain types of artists,” added Parlophone Co-President Mark Mitchell. “[But] she produces her music, she just uses that platform to communicate with her fan base.

“Maybe two years ago, a TikTok artist suggested a certain style, maybe even a throwaway [track], but that’s just not the case now, there are many different ways to use TikTok.

“The way she uses TIC Tac is really, really smart, and all of her, ”Gold said. “She knows how to use social platforms as tools, that’s what they’re actually for – rather than making it part of her personality.”

The Top 20 success of To Hell With It has propelled PinkPantheress to 6.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

“The numbers are good, sure, but the most important thing is that she feels like her album reflects PinkPantheress and the path she’s following,” said the co-manager. Jesse Gassongo-Alexandre. “We’re in the fun part – she’s still a new artist, even though things are picking up speed. So our only hope and wish is that she continues to enjoy the creative process.

PinkPantheress Teamed Up With Spotify On A Mini Documentary As Part Of Her Radar campaign, the streaming service’s global emerging artist program.

“PinkPantheress is just beginning, so 2022 has the potential to be a huge year for her,” Tom Connaughton, Managing Director of Spotify UK & Ireland. “While she has already solidified a whole legion of fans – especially on social media – driving a greater level of musical discovery will give her the opportunity to expand her audience to different age groups and audiences.”

Connaughton said the year-long Radar campaign has already boosted the artist’s discoverability on the platform, including inclusion in more than 200 owned or operated playlists such as Today’s Top Hits and Hot Hits USA .

“You can just feel the huge appetite of her fans and new listeners to get to know her and her sound better: this is one of the reasons we were so proud to be working on her recent mini doc Radar which was a rare lifting of the veil for her. , given how private it is, ”Connaugton added.

The unique and macabre setting and the intimate snapshot of her and her friendships really showed why she is such a force to be reckoned with, and gave fans incredible and rare glimpses of the mysterious character she s. ‘is carved with its addictive music. ”

PinkPantheress’s Just For Me was sampled by another Spotify Radar group Central EWC on his Top 5 single Obsessed With You (395,100 sales).

“She creates such a unique sound by sampling so many different musical genres, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more artists showcase her in their music,” Connaughton said.

Despite the importance of PinkPantheress on the British rapper’s single, Parlophone chose to avoid credits or featured artist collaborations.

“We all felt it was too early to put her in this place,” said Burgess. “She’s pretty well known for sampling other artists and that’s how she came up with her original production ideas.

“So she just thought it was kinda cool that someone did this to her [music]. She loved the Central Cee track and she is very proud that she did.

Burgess has confirmed that new music is slated for 2022. And there is a huge expectation within the industry.

“I’ve received more inbound calls to PinkPantheress than any artist I’ve worked with in 20 years,” he said. “The whole community of artists loves her, all the producers, she has exciting people she talks to.

“She is definitely very ambitious. It reminds me of the early mixtapes of The Weeknd. We let her develop her artistic talent, she is quite mysterious. She doesn’t even want too much attention on herself yet. She just wants her music to do the talking.

PinkPantheress didn’t play their first real concert at the Pickle Factory until October 2021.

“Tom Schroeder, his agent [at Paradigm], is awesome and understands the need to not go too big, too fast, ”Mitchell said. “She could probably sell Brixton Academy, but that’s just not the right thing right now.”

Burgess stressed that the label’s job is to protect her at this early stage.

“She produces her own music, she writes it, she’s a 360-degree artist,” he said. “She offers all the creative concepts that surround her. We are just proud to be part of it and to help it on its journey. She’s a true modern artist and she understands her audience – we just help along the way. ”

“There’s a lot of learning on the job and we didn’t want her to feel overwhelmed,” Burgess added. “There’s a lot of pressure on her and we don’t want that to affect her ability to be creative. We want her to be a flagship artist of Parlophone in 2022. “


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