It’s me? New comedy special coming to Netflix

The talented comedian Sebastian Maniscalco a brand new comedy special will air on Netflix. The hour-long comedy show, It’s me? is slated to premiere on December 6. This will be his fourth special to have found its way onto the popular streaming service. He comes after his previous specials What’s wrong with people?, Why would you do that? and Stay hungry.

It’s me? was filmed at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas as part of his residency. The Illinois native brings his signature comedy style to Sin City and gives his lively take on his wife’s restaurant etiquette and the realities of today’s preschool, and examines overall human behavior, the prompting the question: “Is it me? It is directed by Peter Segal (Naked Gun 33 1/3 The Final Insult, Be Smart, 50 First Dates) and produced by Triage Entertainment.


Sebastien Maniscalco was born in a Chicago suburb to an Italian-American family. The 49-year-old comedian began his career on the Los Angeles comedy scene. He’s been known in the Los Angeles comedy circle for years. He built his comedy on his heritage, he jokes about his typically Italian family life. He is known for using physical comedy and changing his tone of voice to put on different personas.

Maniscalco dominated the comedy world with a string of hit TV shows. He has starred on Comedy Central describing shopping misadventures, interviewing people who dress their dogs, and recalls trying to play it cool on a first date at a sushi restaurant.

In 2008, he starred in a one-hour show for AppleTV called Sebastian live. In this hilarious comedy show, the comedian showed off his distaste for men wearing flip flops, his take on the horror of department store shopping, and more. Sebastian live on Apple TV was ranked the highest comedy special on demand.

He gained worldwide popularity with his previous specials on netflix, with his amusing and relevant remarks on the strange behavior of people. He constantly challenges his audience to recognize the absurdities of everyday life and turns them into an impossible situation not to laugh out loud.

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The acting roles of Sebastian Maniscalco

stand-up comedy

The comedian has also immersed himself in the world of theater. He had supporting roles in movies green paper playing Johnny Venere, and The Irishmanplaying mobster Joe Gallo.

Maniscalco should play in by Chuck Lorre new sitcom for HBO Max, How to be a bookie, playing the lead role of Danny. He also has a voice-over role in The movie Super Mario Bros.coming to theaters in December.

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