Jennifer Lopez Once Revealed She Found Starring in Romantic Comedies “A Bit Scary”

Jennifer Lopez has starred in a variety of movies over her long career. But eventually, the actor began to add more and more rom-coms to his filmography despite finding the genre a little daunting at first.

Jennifer Lopez thinks romantic comedies are necessary

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Lopez has had many hit romantic comedies under her belt. Made in Manhattan, Plan Band shall we dance are just a few that come to mind when discussing Lopez’s feature film. Recently, the artist found herself in this world co-starring with Owen Wilson in Marry me.

One of the reasons Lopez enjoyed doing rom-coms was that she was always a big fan of the genre. Apart from that, the star felt that the messages of hope often delivered by films were necessary.

“But I honestly believe that these movies, especially at a time like right now, they really give hope,” View “At the end of the day, life is really about loving someone, finding someone to spend your life with, being happy. What are the important things?

Because of that, she felt a movie like Marry me was the perfect movie to watch considering recent events.

“The important things are love, and kind of finding your way, finding your home. Because that becomes so important, especially in difficult times. So I think these movies are really needed,” he said. she stated.

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Why Jennifer Lopez found starring in rom-coms a little scary

Before rom-coms, Lopez featured in mostly heavier movies like Selena and money train. The wedding plannerwhere she co-starred alongside Matthew McConaughey, was one of her first forays into the rom-com genre.

Lopez heard for the first time The wedding planner years before the film’s release. She was originally going to make the move for less than $1 million, but was turned down because the studio doubted her comedic abilities. Years later, when she became an even bigger star, Lopez ended up being hired for the film. But according to wedding planner director Adam Shanksman, Lopez was much more expensive to hire the second time around.

“The studio made a big mistake,” he once said. Clever Chica. “They could have signed her a long time ago for much, much less. I said to them, ‘Look, her album is coming out and she’s going to be huge! You’ll be screwed!’ They didn’t listen to me and of course they were screwed! The 6 came out and it was a whole new world.

But even after getting the role, Lopez was a little nervous about venturing into the rom-com genre. Indeed, she also wondered if her humor was up to the film.

“I always wanted to do a romantic comedy,” Lopez said. “When it finally happened, I thought it was a little scary. I didn’t know if I was funny. But the dramas are heavy. The action pictures are physically taxing. The romantic comedies are fun All you do is show up on set and perform – that’s what I wanted.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like other people putting on rom-coms

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As a true fan of rom-coms, Lopez sometimes feels like she gets a bad rap sometimes. Talk to AND Canadathe Hustlers The star took a brief moment to champion rom-coms while offering her own perspective on the genre.

“First of all, romantic comedies aren’t light films. They’re beautiful, necessary films, and I don’t know why people feel they have to let them go when everyone else loves them so much… It’s a very nice movie, but it’s still a movie about life,” she said.

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