Joe Bob Briggs pays homage to all the horror creators and actors we lost in 2021 [Video]

“You know how every year at the Oscars, they do an ‘In Memoriam’ for everyone who died that year, and they always leave out all the people we care about, the horror fans?” We will do ours, ”horror host Joe bob briggs (“The Last Drive-In”) began a touching tribute last year to the many actors, filmmakers and horror artists we’ve lost, and it’s back this year to do the same.

This year’s ‘In Memoriam 2021’ tribute video once again honors the ‘missing care of the horror world that tends to be overlooked and undervalued by the Academy’.

The video pays tribute to people like angel heart director Alan parker, Interview with the vampire writer Anne Rice, The blob actor LaFleur Art, My Valentine’s Day 3D‘s Chris Carnel, SFX artist Cleve Room, Krampus actress Conchata ferrell, Evil Dead II actor Danny hicks, actress / writer Daria nicolodi, Night camp actress Desiree Gould, The day of the Dead actor Gary Klar, star of “The Addams Family” Felix Silla, Zombie 2 SFX Artist Giannetto De Rossi, Them! actress Joan weldon, Child’s Play 2 director Jean Lafia, and Fantasy actor Kenneth V. Jones.

Watch the full “In Memoriam 2021” video below to join Joe Bob and pay tribute to the men and women we lost last year, many of whom are key players in our favorite movies and shows.

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