Lewis Teague’s “ALLIGATOR” Pre-Order & Extras Announcement (1980) 4K UHD

Shout! The factory brings ALLIGATOR (1980) to personal video in full 4K UHD glory! If that isn’t exciting enough, this brand new 3 disc version is packed with bonus features and extras. If you love this movie the way I love it, you’re going to want to pre-order this baby right away in order to get the exclusive poster.

Read on for the exciting details!

ALLIGATOR (1980) Summary

He lives 50 feet below the city. It is 36 feet long. He weighs 2,000 pounds … and he’s about to explode!

From director Lewis Teague (Cujo, cat’s eye) and screenwriter John Sayles (Piranha, the howl) comes an unstoppable thriller with bite. After returning from their vacation in Florida, the Kendal family decide their baby pet alligator is too much to care for and they flush him down the toilet. At the same time, Slade Laboratories conducts secret experiments with animals and disposes of them in the sewers. The baby alligator, on its own, must feed on everything it can … including dead animals. Today, twelve years later, when several murders occur in the city of Chicago, David Madison (Robert Forster, Jackie brown) is put on the case to find out who… or what… is killing people.

Here is a preview of the official cover!

DISC ONE (4K UHD – Cinema version):

  • NEW! 4K scan from original camera negative
  • Audio commentary with director Lewis Teague and actor Robert Forster

DISC TWO (BLU-RAY – Cinema version):

  • NEW! 4K scan from original camera negative
  • NEW! Everyone in the pool– An interview with actress Robin Riker
  • Alligator Author – Interview with screenwriter John Sayles
  • NEW! wild in the streets – An interview with director Lewis Teague
  • NEW! He walks among us – An interview with screenwriter John Sayles
  • Audio commentary with director Lewis Teague and actor Robert Forster
  • NEW! Luck of the alligator – An interview with special effects makeup artist Robert Short
  • NEW! Gator Guts, La Grande Rivière and Bob – An interview with the production assistant, now famous actor / director / producer, Bryan Cranston
  • Additional scenes from the TV version
  • Trailer (NEW 2K scan)
  • Cinema trailer (NEW 2K scan)
  • Hell Trailers – Director Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s body) At ALLIGATOR
  • TV spots (NEW 2K scan)
  • ALLIGATOR Game TV Advertising
  • NEW! Drive-In Asylum newspaper ad gallery
  • Image gallery (film photos, film posters, welcome cards and behind the scenes photos)

DISC THREE (BLU-RAY – Television Version)

  • TV version extended to HD for the first time (NEW! 4K scan from original camera negative with additional footage digitized from internegative)


ALLIGATOR (1980) is available for pre-order now on Shout! Site of the factory. The film will be released on February 22, 2022. Bring on it! If you’re REALLY die-hard, you can pre-order the sequel as well!

This movie terrified me when I was a kid. I remember watching it with my dad. I can’t wait to see it in 4K! What do you think? Would you like to order a copy for yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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