‘Love / Hate meets The Shining’: a horror film made in Liège in preview this weekend


The world premiere of a psychological thriller shot here in Cork and directed by a Leesider will open one of the country’s most anticipated film festivals this weekend.

Niall Owens Gateway’s film is set to debut at IndieCork this Sunday, September 19, at Gate Cinema and online.

Speaking with Cork Beo this week, Niall said the debut felt like “a continuation of the journey” he has been on since his first short film Torn was picked by IndieCork founders Úna Feely and Mick Hannigan.

Speaking of IndieCork, which is now in its ninth year, Niall said, “It’s a big festival, they’re so focused on filmmakers and films.

“Anyone who makes a movie tries to do something creative and can often face challenges and sometimes it’s hard to get there, so being recognized is a nice feeling.”

Niall began his career as an assistant director after being offered as an assistant director trainee in 2006 for the film Strength and Honor, rose through the ranks and served as senior assistant director on various productions for the past eight years.

“I have been fortunate to work with a lot of different people,” Niall said.

Gateway is filmed in Cork and directed by a Corkman

“I learned a lot from watching them and I think one of the best perks of my job was being positioned on set, I could watch everything and I could learn from everyone I watched.”

Niall has worked on films such as IFTA winner Frank Berry’s Michael Inside, and most recently Here are the Young Men with Anya Taylor Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) and Travis Fimmel (Vikings), as well as countless others. television series and commercials.

As a director, Niall says he’s “always been very, very focused on what I’m doing and wanting exactly what the story is trying to tell and how we want to get there.”

“So Gateway was really just a continuation of the short films I made, but on a larger scale. And there were more elements to try to control.

“When you make a movie you always learn more about yourself and really prepare for any challenges and then you see how you deal with them.

“So I really enjoyed that aspect, learning about myself and what I’m capable of. And where I can be better.

Gateway previewed this weekend at IndieCork

Gateway stars Tim Creed, Kevin Barry, Rosie O’Regan and a myriad of other familiar faces from Irish acting, including a fair handful of Leeside talent.

The film follows Mike, a low-level drug dealer who is haunted by a recent death, and finds himself with his gang in debt to a ruthless supplier.

The gang decides to grow a lot of weed to settle the debt, now all they need is a quiet place to grow it …

“The easiest way to sum up Gateway is that Love / Hate meets The Shining – it’s kind of a clash of the two.

He describes the horror as “an intense and all-encompassing experience” saying he hopes viewers “will feel like they’re out there in a world watching the story unfold and they don’t know what it is. that’s going to happen – they’re locked into this “.

Gateway can be viewed in person or online at the IndieCork launch on September 19, with tickets and more information available here .

Mick Hannigan, Co-Director of IndieCork, said: “IndieCork is a festival to encourage new talent. Niall Owens has screened his short films with us and we are honored to present the world premiere of his first feature film.

“Gateway is a well-accomplished and gripping psychological thriller and we believe audiences will truly enjoy this film. Throughout our programming, we provide a platform for new and emerging filmmakers. It is significant that all of our international feature films have this film. years are first feature films, which says a lot about IndieCork.

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