Maika Monroe is stalked in the Watcher horror movie trailer

A Potential Serial Killer follows Maika Monroe in Chloe Okuno’s feature debut Watcher, the sequel to her popular Storm Drain segment in V/H/S/94.

Chloe Okuno’s official trailer Observer shows that someone is following Maika Monroe. During her move to Bucharest, the actress (coming out of the thriller Backtrack) attracts the attention of an unknown figure who seems to be watching her from the building adjacent to the Hitchock’s rear window. With reports circulating all over town of a serial killer attacking women, Monroe’s character, Julia, must overcome the encroaching figure. Okuno attached himself to the project in early 2021, and the film premiered at Sundance.

IFC Films finally released the trailer for Observer, giving fans a glimpse into the paranoid world (shot in Romania) that Julia and her boyfriend Francis (Karl Glusman) must navigate. Multiple images show the eerie, shadowy voyeur standing in front of a window as Julia stares ahead, wondering if their gaze has locked on her, a concept Monroe is all too familiar with after breaking out in the tense supernatural thriller . It follows. The characters debate the motives of the hidden figure amid the supposed safety of dim lighting as it seems to come closer and closer.


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Notices highlighted in the trailer describe it as a “superb polar gas” And one “atmospheric and stylish paranoid thriller.” Pacific Rim and Halo Burn Gorman plays the titular viewer, and Tudor Petrut, Madalina Anea, and Daniel Nuta are among the film’s supporting cast. Gabi Antal, James Hoppe, Stuart Manashil, Ben Ross and Rami Yasin serve as executive producers. Zack Ford co-wrote with Okuno, who is making his film debut and hopes to continue his success with the famous V/H/S/94 Entrance Storm Drainage. Observer released in theaters on June 3, 2022.

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