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clark, Netflix’s latest crime thriller series from Sweden, is based on the life of notorious bank robber and “Stockholm Syndrome creator” Clark Olofsson. The show’s most recognizable face is, of course, Bill Skarsgård, the Swedish star who also rose to Hollywood popularity with the This horror films and series such as stone castle and hemlock grove.

Apart from him in the main role, clark also has other talented actors who have mainly worked in European projects from Sweden and Finland. With a bit of luck, clark will encourage them to discover these other international films and TV shows of various genres.


Bill Skarsgård – It (2017)

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After supporting appearances in alleviating and Atomic BlondeBill Skarsgård finally got his big break in Hollywood with This. The adaptation of one of Stephen King’s most essential books deals with the adventures of a group of friends who encounter a disturbing entity that manifests as a dancing clown called Pennywise. Skarsgård won over many critics and audiences for his chilling portrayal of the clown with praise drawn for his acting and maniacal smile.

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In clark, he again embodies a man of many faces as the real mastermind of the Clark Olofsson bank robbery. In his post-This career, it is certainly a major role in his career.

Vilhelm Blomgren – Midsommar (2019)

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Shovel in Midsommar

Ari Aster’s Shocking Folk Horror Midsommar deals with a visit to a small village in Sweden that ends up turning into a strange ritual of a Scandinavian cult. The main characters of Midsommarplayed by Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor and William Jackson Harper, are convinced to embark on this journey by their Swedish friend Pelle who is played by Vilhelm Blomgren.

After MidsommarBlomgren’s most popular screen credit would be clark in which he plays policeman Tommy Lindström, who ardently followed Olofsson’s biggest cases and played a game of cat and mouse with him for years.

Hanna Björn – My So-Called Father (2014)

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A woman watches her father lying on a bed in My So-Called Father

Swedish actress Hannah Björn is one of the supporting cast in the touching family drama My so called father. Starring fellow Swedish actors Vera Vitali and Michael Nyqvist in the lead roles, the film deals with a woman’s efforts to help her estranged father who has begun to lose his memory.

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As for the Netflix thriller, Björn appears as Maria, one of Clark’s longtime girlfriends who he befriends after meeting in prison.

Christoffer Nordenrot – The Unthinkable (2018)

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People who walk with gas masks in The Unthinkable

While Alex wishes to meet his old love Anna one summer when Sweden is the prey of an unexpected invasion. Most of the best disaster movies being Hollywood blockbusters, The unthinkable would serve as a new option. Christoffer Nordenrot plays the main character before enjoying worldwide popularity with clark.

In the latter, he plays one of clarkhis friends in prison. Attracted by his cult status as a criminal, he staged his own bank robbery in Stockholm.

Adam Lundgren – Blue Eyes (2014-2015)

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Worried looking woman with blue eyes

Blue eyes is a political thriller that deals with various cases of extremism, terrorism and corruption as the country burns with chaos. While also dealing with the lives of those directly involved in such situations, it is comparable to shows like Thread and Card castle.

In addition to joining the ensemble as Mattias Cedergren, Adam Lundgren also appears in clark as one of the titular protagonist’s most trusted friends for illegal operations.

Malin Levanon – Frostbitten (2006)

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Frostbitten movie poster

If viewers are looking to watch underrated vampire movies from around the world, Frozen would be a fun sight with his Swedish bloodsuckers attacking a sleepy town in the country in the middle of winter. As chaos ensues, the film balances horror with self-aware humor. Malin Levanon joins the Antagonist Beasts as a Ukrainian Vampire.

As for his role in clark, Levanon is the mother of one of Clark’s first loves. True to her feminist nature, Clark also ends up sleeping with her.

Sofie Hoflack – Bertha Benz (2019)

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Bertha Benz looks back while driving a car in Bertha Benz

On International Women’s Day in 2019, the official Mercedes Benz YouTube channel released a short biography about the experiences of automotive pioneer Bertha Benz. Sofie Hoflack plays the title character as the short film covers Benz’s road trip one day in 1888, a trip that was the first of its kind for a human-driven automobile.

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In the same line as Bertha BenzSofie Hoflack appeared in another biopic project, this time as Clark’s wife Marijke in the Netflix detective series.

Björn Gustafsson – Kung Fury (2015)

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kung fury, the brainchild of Swedish director and actor David Sandberg, is an over-the-top parody of classic 1980s action movies. The time-traveling adventure finds the titular martial artist defeating Adolf Hitler and is resurrected in the current timeline. . Björn Gustafsson plays one of Hitler’s German military accomplices in this wacky watch that features dinosaurs, ninjas, Vikings and a David Hasselhoff cameo, all for over 30 minutes.

Other than one of the weirdest action movies of the 2010s, Gustafsson appears in early episodes of clark as one of Clark’s trusted partners in crime.

Claes Malmberg – Lust (2022)

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The cast of Lust stand together and people watch

Swedish comedian Claes Malmberg has starred in a wide variety of fictional series and reality shows. 2022, in particular, has been a good year with recurring roles in clark and Lust. The latter is a comedy revolving around the sex lives of 40-year-old women and the observations that ensue.

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In Clark, Malmberg plays Swedish Prime Minister Tage Erlander, the country’s longest-serving head of state. As Clark wreaks havoc with his robberies, even a national leader like Erlander begins to sweat.

Agnes Lindström Bolmgren – The General Cake (2017)

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Agnes Bolmgren smiling in a photo from The Cake General

While a weary man lives in what he considers “Sweden’s most boring town”, he decides to put his region on the map by striving to make the biggest cake sandwich ever. While Sex education alumnus Mikael Persbrandt plays the real-life character Hasse P, the biographical comedy also stars Agnes Linström Bolmgren in a supporting role.

Bolmgren can recently be spotted in clark as a woman Clark meets while robbing a bank, and later enters into a relationship with.

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