Natasha Lyonne: What To Watch If You Like Russian Doll Star


When it comes to iconic comedic actresses, the one that always comes to my mind is Natasha Lyonne. With a career spanning both film and television for several decades now, Lyonne is on the rise with great teen comedies, fantastic Netflix shows, and more.

Since her time, the winner of an Emmy Orange is the new black, to his latest Netflix series, Russian doll, Lyonne is a master at her craft and deserves all the praise in the world. That’s why here, we’ll be talking about the best Natasha Lyonne movies and TV shows, and how you can stream them or rent them, right now. Let’s start with, what I think is one of his best.

Natasha Lyonne in Orange is the New Black.

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Orange is the new black (2013 – 2019)

You can’t have a list like this and not mention this show. Orange is the new black was one of Netflix’s first original series, telling the story of Piper Chapman. She is a seemingly normal woman whose past catches up with her when she is accused and jailed for past affiliation with drug trafficking. There, she meets interesting people and someone she never thought to see again.

I have always loved this show, but Natasha Lyonne’s character, Nicky, is one of the best. The totality Orange is the new black to throw is so talented, but Nicky is, hands down, one of the best characters. His witty jokes and sarcastic nature are some of the best moments of the show, and I’ve always loved the friendships his character has formed over the course of the show. Definitely one of Natasha’s best roles to date.

Stream Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

Natasha Lyonne in American Pie.

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American Pie Series (1999 – 2012)

You must love American pie. This popular teen movie franchise began in 1999 and followed a group of friends who made a pact before the end of their senior year. What exactly is this pact? Easy – to lose their virginity before they graduate. It seems simple enough, until everything starts to change.

I feel like when someone hears the name “Natasha Lyonne” it’s one of the first movies you think of. Her performance as Jessica is legendary, showing off her acting skills, even at such a young age, and her chemistry with his casting mates in american pie is brilliant. She appeared in several movies afterwards, so if you like her in the first one, you’ll like her in the following ones too.

Stream American Pie on Showtime.
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Natasha Lyonne in But I'm a Cheerleader.

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But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

It’s one of my favorite movies, hands down, for its humor. But I’m a cheerleader starring Natasha Lyonne, is such a great romantic comedy for teenagers. In this movie, the parents of the main character, Megan, don’t approve of her being a lesbian. So, they decide to send him to a conversion camp to see if they can “beg the gay to go”.

This film is so funny, with a beautiful end that is heartwarming despite all the satirical comedy it provides, and Lyonne kills it. I’ve seen her in roles like this before (like Nicky in Orange is the new black) where she plays an LGBTQ + character, but there’s something about But i’m a cheerleader that stands up. She just has that star quality that really carries the movie and creates such a fun experience. I mean, the legend itself, RuPaul, is also in this movie. How not to love him instantly?

Stream But I’m a Cheerleader on Pluto TV.
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Natasha Lyonne in The Slums of Beverly Hills.

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Beverly Hills Slums (1998)

The cult classic, Beverly Hills slums, follows the character of Lyonne, Vivian, and her family. They keep moving to different apartments in Beverly Hills, over and over again, to try and make sure their kids could attend some of the best schools in the area in the 1970s, making their life hectic and full of the most hilarious people in town. all the time.

Beverly Hills slums is such a great movie. Not only is Natasha Lyonne really selling her starring role as a girl so tired of her father’s antics, but the rest of the cast are also stunning. Marisa Tomei, Carl Reiner … devil, same legendary actress Rita moreno appears in this movie. That, combined with a really funny story, creates such a wonderful viewing experience.

Rent the Beverly Hills slums on Amazon.

The character of Natasha Lyonne in Robots.

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Robots (2005)

Robots follows Rodney Copporbottom, a young robot who wishes to try and find his idol in Robot City so he can show off his inventions. However, in doing so, he begins to uncover dark secrets behind his idol’s famous venture and takes it upon himself to try and stop what is happening, alongside a few friends.

Robots is such an underrated classic. There’s a fun ensemble cast with Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks and more, and Natasha Lyonne blend in perfectly and create some hysterical moments. The robot she voices, Loretta, is hilarious, and while she hasn’t been in the movie for a long time compared to the rest of the cast, I’ll always love her scenes with Fender (who was voiced by The Incredible Robin williams). If you haven’t seen this movie, be sure to watch it now.

Rent bots on Amazon.

Natasha Lyonne in Sleeping with other people.

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Sleeping With Other People (2015)

Then we have the romantic comedy, Sleep with other people. This film tells the story of students Lainey and Jake, who had a one night stand years ago while still in school. Now, they find themselves in adulthood and eventually find out that they’re both kind of suckers in relationships – and ironically, that only brings them closer together.

Both tracks here are amazing, with great roles for Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie, but Natasha Lyonne is also great in her role as Kara. As Lainey’s friend, she tries to talk to him about what’s going on with Jake and is often there to make funny jokes. Lyonne fits perfectly into this underrated romantic comedy that you really should see by now.

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Natasha Lyonne in Antibirth.

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Anti-birth (2016)

I’m telling you, Natasha Lyonne can do everything and she proves it with this great horror movie. Anti-birth follows a woman addicted to drugs, living day to day on pills, or drunk in spirit. However, when one night goes crazy and she takes a drug she does not know, she finds out that she is inexplicably pregnant, creating horrors for her life.

Yeah, this is one of those movies that you probably don’t want to watch on an empty stomach. Anti-birth is a brilliant look at what happens when body horror is done right in a horror movie, and there are some parts here that definitely made me look away from the screen. However, what always brought me back was Lyonne’s captivating performance. I never saw her as a scream queen, but afterwards this intense and crazy movie, I could see her do so many horror movies. It’s an interesting but terrifying movie.

Stream Antibirth on Amazon via AMC +.
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Natasha Lyonne in Hello, my name is Doris.

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Hello, my name is Doris (2015)

It’s the cutest coming-of-age movie I think I’ve seen in a long time. Hello, my name is Doris, starring the lovely Sally Field, follows an older woman who is shy and not really sure of herself. But, after attending a self-help seminar, she gets the confidence she desperately needs to ask her coworker – who is much younger than her, to create problems she never thought possible. meet.

Natasha Lyonne is Sally, one of the many people Doris interacts with on a daily basis, and blends in perfectly with this hilarious ensemble by making jokes, making me giggle quite regularly. However, what really makes Hello, my name is Doris such a sweet film is the lead actress herself, Field. She’s awesome in this role and shows that you’re never too old for love. In addition, Max Greenfield (known for his character, Schmidt, in New girl) has surprisingly good chemistry with her as a young man.

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Natasha Lyonne in the United States against Billie Holiday.

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United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

The United States vs. Billie Holiday tells the story of how the singer started her career and follows her as she deals with bigger issues, like being the target of the FDN (Federal Department of Narcotics) after some people disagree with her way of singing and what she does.

Natasha Lyonne plays Tallulah Bankhead, a true stage actress, and her scenes with Bille (Andra Day) are some of the best in the movie, perfectly performed and truly wonderfully directed. The whole movie itself is super interesting, from the start of Billie’s career to everything she’s been through as an artist. With a talented ensemble cast, The United States vs. Billie Holiday is a worthy film to watch any day.

Stream The United States vs. Billie Holiday on Hulu.

Natasha Lyonne as a Russian Doll.

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Russian Doll (2019 – Present)

Last but not least, we have Russian doll, Natasha Lyonne’s latest Netflix series. This dramatic comedy follows Nadia, a woman who attends a party in New York City. However, she finds herself caught in a time loop, as she dies over and over again, only to wake up to the party once again. Whenever Nadia dies, she tries to find a solution, which brings Lyonne perfect comedic timing.

Russian doll is a fantasy series with classic tropes of mysteries that features stunning performances by Natasha Lyonne and the entire cast. The story itself is also very interesting, with something new revealed with each episode to really keep you watching. With season 2 on my way, now is the perfect time to try it. You’ll never want to stop clicking “next episode” again.

Stream Russian Doll on Netflix.

It should only be a matter of time before more movies and TV shows are added to this list. Natasha Lyonne has really done it all and I can’t wait to see what the actress does next. Now if Russian doll Season 2 could come, I would be a happy camper.


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