NECA turns Horror Classic poster into collectible figure

Horror fans have been eating well lately, as a ton of our favorite ’80s movies celebrated major anniversaries. One of those classic films that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year is John Charpentierit is The thing. The body-horror thriller just released on 4K Blu-ray last year and returns to theaters next month to mark the occasion. Now NECA joins the party with a beautiful new seven-inch action figure.

The “40th Anniversary Poster Figure” recreates the iconic poster from the movie. The image of a stranger lost in a blizzard, his face blinded by pure light, is engraved in the worst nightmares of all fans of the genre. This is one of the posters from that bloody era that is simply a work of art.


The description of the figure reads as follows:

“From The Thing, John Carpenter’s acclaimed slow-building horror film classic! It follows a 12-man search party who finds something in the Antarctic Circle that has been waiting for over 100,000 years. Recreating the art From the original and iconic poster for the theatrical run, this special deco figure stands approximately 7″ tall and features an LED light in the head and interchangeable and removable faceplates to create the signature light burst of poster. In user-friendly, poster-inspired 5-panel window box packaging.”

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From the footage provided by NECA, this looks like a stunning piece and an amazing way to celebrate the film. The acclaimed toy company last year released MacReady, flamethrowers and all, which was played so memorably by Kurt Russell in the movie. This new addition to their growing Thing collection will look great on a shelf. Especially, when you dare turn off the lights. The light head and interchangeable faceplates are a very cool addition. The only downside to that figure is that it’s a 2022 convention exclusive. However, if you’re a rabid horror fan and lover of this movie, you’re probably already going to more than a few conventions kind this year.

When The thing was released in 1982, it won acclaim in the horror community for its brilliant special effects, gruesome body horror, and pitch-perfect suspense. It was so good that a lot of people forget it’s a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic The thing from another world realized by Christian Niby. This particular film was one of Carpenter’s favorites. It was also the movie Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace can be seen watching in the director’s other horror classic Halloween.

Nowadays, The thing is still considered a masterpiece and Carpenter’s best film. That’s saying something considering his resume includes other amazing genre classics like Fog, Christina, Escape from New York, They liveand the previously mentioned Halloween. The breathtaking practical effects of the artist Robert Bottin is still impressive and haunts the souls of horror fans every time they bravely watch the movie. As An American werewolf in Londonit’s just one of those films that reminds us that CGI can never top the wonder of great practical effects.

The thing is one of those horror movie specials whose spooky allure is perfectly captured in this new NECA figure. With the arrival of MacReady last year and this new exclusive, hopefully that means we get more Thingcharacters in the near future like keith david‘s Childs or Wilford BrimleyIt’s Dr. Blair. Pricing information for the poster figure will be available soon, but while we wait, you can view the preview images of the figure below. You can also rent The thing on most major streaming platforms for a mind-blowing movie night.


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