Neil Marshall to direct gore-filled monster movie “The Lair”



Dog soldiers (2002) / Pathé

Filmmaker Neil Marshall best known for his brutal, effect-rich horror films Soldier dogs (2002) and Lowering (2005) directed and produced another bloody monster film in 2022, titled The den. His new film will star Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Charlotte Kirk (The account) and Jonathan Howard (Thor: The Dark World, Godzilla: King of the Monsters).

The den will follow Sergeant Tom Hook as he is tasked with leading a unit to track down Lt. Kate Sinclair after her plane was shot down over Afghanistan. While pursued by her attackers, Sinclair takes refuge in an abandoned military bunker, where she accidentally releases half-human, half-alien, and carnivorous monsters known as Ravagers. Sergeant Hook will lead a team of British SAS (Special Air Service) troops to save Sinclair and contain the monsters before they can invade the area.

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About The den, which looks a lot Soldier dogs, will be a good mix of action and horror, Marshall said, “It’s a crowd pleaser, an adrenaline-pumping roller coaster ride; spectacular and loud, inspired by classic genre films like Aliens, Predator, and The thing and their incredible use of practical Creature FX. Featuring a new breed of screen terror, The den will be a fierce and voracious beast of a movie. I’m going to get my hands bleeding doing this one! “

Marshall never strayed from the use of excellent practical effects in his films. Its unique werewolf design in Soldier dogs has the film ranked among the best werewolf movies of the horror genre by the horror community. Most recently, Marshall was praised for the amazing effects of 2019 Hellboy and his ability to turn actor David Harbor into a grumpy demon. Looks like we have a lot to be excited about with his next film.

The den will begin production in spring 2022.

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