Netflix horror movie is Mike Flanagan Lite


No one comes out alive is a passable horror film with clear influences from Mike Flanagan. There are a few scary moments, but they become less effective as the same tactics are reused. Director Santiago Menghini brings Fernanda Coppel’s horror storyline to life through a spooky house that no one would ever want to set foot in if given the choice.

‘No One Gets Out Alive’ is a supernatural immigrant story

Cristina Rodlo | Netflix

Ambar (Cristina Rodlo) is an immigrant who has put her life on hold to care for her sick mother. Since his death, Ambar has sought to pursue the American dream. She wants to have a career and grow her life, but struggles to earn enough money to put all the pieces in place to make her dreams come true.

Ambar struggles to find a place to live. However, she stumbles upon a boarding house reserved for women. The building is well sized for its needs, but it is run down. She soon discovers that her past holds dangerous secrets that threaten her life. Ambar must find a way to escape the nightmare before it’s too late.

“No One Gets Out Alive” abuses its fears

Cristina Rodlo, star of

Cristina Rodlo | Teddy Bear Cavendish / Netflix

No one comes out alive has an immigration history at its core. Ambar juggles work, trying to secure stable living conditions and reunite with a family she barely knows. She really doesn’t have anyone she can trust. There are dangers everywhere, the most sinister being right where she calls her new home. Similar to Netflix His home, No one comes out alive presents a good reason why she can’t just leave the haunted house.

Ambar has horrible nightmares, which begin to distort his memories of his mother. The terrors found in her nightmares continue to escalate the longer she stays in this women-only boarding house. She sees ghostly figures with glowing eyes and a strange box with something opening its lid from the inside.

No one comes out alive has its fair share of jumping fears. A few of them are quite effective as towering entities haunt the corners of the frame. However, the same tricks are used over and over again. The secrets of this pension range from scary to a little silly. It’s not very predictable, but you have to be prepared to go to strange places to stick to them in the third act.

Mike Flanagan Light

The star of

Cristina Rodlo | Netflix

Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House is a strong visual influence for No one comes out alive. The same blue-green cinematography is used here in a large, dilapidated building. Remember the shining eyes of the ghosts of Flanagan Oculus? These are there too. The same is true of the ways in which entities are positioned on the screen.

The haunted house subgenre is one of the most essential horror genre sections. However, various filmmakers have their own take on the famous subgenre. For example, that of James Wan Conspiracy has a very different style than Flanagan’s. However, the influences come from much older features in the history of the genre. Some films are better at combining their own aesthetic with classical influences.

No one comes out alive is atmospheric and alludes to something more below the surface. This is one of the obvious reasons why Flanagan opted for mini-series for his haunting shows. He has a greater opportunity to develop his stories, characters and their narratives to establish meaningful drama around fears. However, No one comes out alive only deals with the tip of the iceberg during its short 87-minute run, but it’s quite entertaining as a casual Netflix horror viewing.

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