Netflix original horror thriller “Night Teeth” release date


What is Halloween without horror? With a Netflix Original in place, that just adds to the icing on the cake!

Night Teeth, the next Netflix Horror and Thriller arrives in October 2021. Just in time for Halloween and it looks like we have a treat!

Coming up is all we have on the thriller coming out in October 2021 and be sure to read it to the end. The reason I say this is that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss a movie like this. Would you like, however?

Brent Dillon as writer and Adam Randall as director, Night Teeth is soon ready to appear on your screen. Unique Features and 42 are the production houses behind Night Teeth.

In the shadow of the moon was one of the other bombs 42 dropped on Netflix. This film also fell into the thriller genre.

Do you remember IBoy starring Maisie Williams? Well, the science fiction comes from Adam Randall who was a part of the movie. Therefore, clearly indicates what we are going to deal with here.

Speaking of “the plot”

Here is the official Netflix plot.

Benny is a student and to move around with a little extra money. For one night, Benny decides to be a driver where his job is to drive women to places in LA.

It is only later, when things get mixed up, that he finds out that his passengers have a botched plan for him which is a thirst for blood. Lots of unsubscribes and over time it just keeps getting better. You certainly have to watch it to find out everything.

Cast members

Right now, there is talk of the cast members below to be on Night Teeth.

  • Debby Ryan as popular Blaire from Insatiable
  • Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as the popular Benny of Brigsby Bear
  • Lucy Fry as Popular Zoe from Bright
  • Chase Yi as Popular Martin from Wandavision
  • Martin Bats Bradford as popular Kaleb from Tales from the Hood 2
  • Hunter Blake as popular Daniel from Sweet Magnolias
  • Sydney Sweeney as popular Eva from Charlie’s Angels
  • Alfie Allen as popular Victor from Game of Thrones
  • Popular Megan Fox from Jennifer’s Body
  • Marlene Forte as popular Abuela from Fear the Walking Dead
  • Raúl Castillo as popular Jay Perez from We the Animals
  • Popular Ash Santos from American Horror Story
  • Popular Alexander Ludwig from The Hunger Games
  • Popular 12 year old Bryan Batt a slave

The movie will arrive just in time for Halloween on October 20, 2021, which is what we expect. Since there is no delay in the filming.

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