Netflix unveils Streams and Screams portal in time for Halloween

Even though October is still days away, Netflix has already given us a glimpse of what’s to come this Halloween season, which, of course, includes a ton of hair-raising movies. The streaming service has already announced a number of horror movies set to arrive next month, including a Stephen King adaptation, Mr. Harrigan’s phone; The Midnight Club by the famous horror filmmaker, Mike Flanagan; a Jeff Wadlow-directed horror comedy, The Curse of Bridge Hollow; and The Cabinet of Curiosities from none other than Guillermo del Toro. So when it comes to scaring this year, Netflix didn’t come in to play games. And to amp up October’s jaw-dropping streaming experience, Netflix has launched a horror portal, “Flows and cries,to deliver a suspenseful collection “made to share and scare”.


“Streams & Screams” is a tab dedicated to horror content – from movies to TV series – with classic favorites and new material tailored for Halloween, ranging from horror thrillers, horror comedies, slashers, witchcraft, psychology and other horror subtitles. genres. The streaming platform launched “Streams & Screams” with its own page in the Netflix app and website, highlighting all of its new and old horror content, including some originals like bird box, Gerald’s game, Cargo, street of fear, Day shiftand The babysitter.

There are hundreds of titles available under the “Streams & Screams” tab, curated for a specific Halloween mood. Netflix subscribers can choose one horror title from each organized category, which includes “Teen Screams”, “Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls”, “Horror Hidden Gems”, “Family Halloween Treats”, “Slashers and Serial Killers”, “This Place Is Evil,” “Modern Horror Classics,” “Horror Reimagined,” and “Witchcraft & the Dark Arts.” Each category includes many Netflix Originals, but there are also a few titles that aren’t exclusive to Netflix.

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In the “Teen Screams” category, viewers can enjoy a host of movies like Chainsaw Massacre and Escape Room: Tournament of Championswhile “Horror Hidden Gems” spotlights some underrated horror titles including Cargo, Cam, A story of two sistersand Creep. “Modern Horror Classics”, on the other hand, features horror classics like The Grudge, This, Anaconda, evil Deadand I know what you did last summer. Plus, the “Horror Reimagined” category highlights horror remakes with fun and campy Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaa series-re imagine of Mistand a modern remake of Carrie.

Netflix has compiled all the best Halloween-themed movies and TV shows to make things a little easier for users. As the Halloween season approaches, fans of the genre can indulge themselves with more horror content that has been specially selected and arranged for them. You can browse some movies on Netflix through their “Flows and criessand find something to watch that best suits your horror preferences.

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