New Horror Comic ‘F*ck This Place’ Is The Most Perfectly Titled Series Ever

Image Comics has unveiled a new horror series with a title that perfectly sums up how its characters feel about their haunted ranch: F*ck This Place.

A new Picture Comics The horror series slated for release this summer is probably the most perfectly titled series never. At a time when self-aware horror is becoming more mainstream to poke fun at common tropes, this new horror series will join Jordan Peele’s new film no for 2022’s genius in the genre. Set in a “cabin in the woods” type scenario, the series will be called exactly what anyone should be thinking when something even slightly creepy starts happening: fuck this place.

The new comic book series is set to be written by Kyle Starks, an Eisner Award nominee whose previous work includes sex castle and Rock Candy Mountain. Mainly known for comedy, this will be his first attempt at horror as he explains in a press release written by Image Comics to announce the series. “[…]Comedy and horror are very similar beasts“, says Starks.”They both rely on tone, pattern, and rhythm. If you liked my comedies, I think you will really love this adventureJoining him in bringing his story to life is artist Artyom Topilin, who brings his experience in the horror genre to help Stark’s vision come to fruition. anthologies ice cream man with the special “Quarantine” edition, Topilin is sure to bring out the terror of the story Starks has in mind through his works.


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The new horror comic series will follow Trudy and Gabby, a couple who inherit an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere at Rutherford Ranch. They move there with the intention of moving on to the next stage of their lives together, but they quickly realize that the move was a mistake. Things start to go wrong in the night as something in or around the house attracts all kinds of ghouls and monsters. For decades, it’s been an inviting place for multiple supernatural forces such as ghosts and aliens, as described by Image, and it looks like it has no intention of stopping with the arrival of Trudy and Gabby. It will take smarts and follow the rules of the house to survive their horrific stay and perhaps defeat the supernatural entity once and for all.

by Drew Goddard cabin in the woods seems to be a primary source of inspiration for this concept. The idea of ​​a secluded place in the middle of nowhere haunted by various types of monsters is similar in vein to tongue-in-cheek horror satire that sought to deconstruct the genre. Whether it will have any parallels to this film remains to be seen, but it does open the doors to a mystery that can be explored. After all, horror is one of the broadest genres due to the fact that people have different fears, so investigate the mystery of the house while being attacked by monsters that cover the story of the horror could make for a fun story.

If there’s any indication that this series is a hit for horror fans, it’s what artist Artyom Topilin had to say about his time working for the project. In Image’s press release, Topilin states that fuck this placeis pretty much everything I love to draw: monsters, gore, creepy woods, cool girls, and charismatic bastards. If these are things you also like to see in your comics, you’ve come to the right place.“With words of praise like that, this story is bound to be a fun time for horror fans. The aptly titled new horror series, fuck this placeshould be published by Picture Comics May 18, 2022 at local comic book stores.

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