New Scream Video Features Gale Weathers Reporting on Original Woodsboro Murders

the Scream the franchise returns to the big screen next week, and with it, much of the original cast, including Neve Campbell’s Sidney PrescottDewey Riley by David Arquette and Gale Weathers by Courtney Cox. The core trio has always been a fun dynamic to see in the horror film series, and while waiting for their return, Scream teases where Gale’s journalistic career is now.

A new Scream the video surfaced on Twitterand it features the character of Courtney Cox who hosts a special called Tonight With Gale Weathers: The Woodsboro Murderswhere the reporter dramatically remembers the events of the horror films and teases what is to come. Check it out:

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In the video, Gale Weathers recounts how it’s been over a decade since Ghostface hit the town of Woodsboro, and she’s right, the last one Scream The film was back in 2011. She recalls the events of the original film, where the citizens found themselves “trapped in a real horror film”. Weathers point the finger the original ghostface killerswho were Skeet Ulrich’s Billy and Matthew Lillard’s Stu, each heavily inspired by horror movies.

Gale Weathers briefly discusses the events of the Scream aftermath, calling each subsequent Ghostface “copycat killers”. New Scream The film has Ghostface haunting Woodsboro once again, and as Weathers shares, it’s time for her to “finally find out the truth behind the Woodsboro murders”. I would totally watch this TV special, but luckily we can get the experience with Gale for the next one. Scream movie.

Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell in Scream

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The next film is the first in the franchise to do since the death of Wes Cravenwhich has been synonymous with Scream From the beginning. This time, Ready or Not filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett direct Scream with the original cast and a ton of new faces including Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Dylan Minnette and Jack Quaid. Scream sees Sidney return to his hometown to face off against Ghostface 25 years after the events of the first film.

Before the film is released, Scream was screened for the press, and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. CinemaBlend’s Corey Chichizola called the film a “blast”, sharing that it has “wild twists and turns, gnarly kills, and jaw-dropping moments for longtime fans.” Kevin McCarthy, co-host of ReelBlend says it’s “the best Scream since the original ”, and felt the film brought a“ fresh and brutal new tone to the franchise ”. it sounds like new Scream is great.

While we don’t know if Gale’s new video is part of the film itself or if it’s clever marketing for the film, it’s exciting to imagine the character telling the story in a format. news special and again becoming a full-fledged journalist. the horror movie. Scream hits theaters January 14, and find out which other upcoming horror movies wait.

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