New theater reopens in November with The Lovely Bones


New Theater is thrilled to announce its reopening in November with the Australian premiere of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, adapted by Bryony Lavery.

After almost four months of confinement, it’s wonderful to come back, albeit under restricted conditions. Our capacity will be capped at 75%, masks will be mandatory and there will be both a QR code and vaccination checks as a condition of entry. But we can finally share the joy of live theater with our audience again, so that’s a small price to pay.

My name is Salmon. Like the fish. Susie. Fourteen years old. I was murdered.

The Lovely Bones is a coming-of-age story with a supernatural twist.

Susie Salmon is a typical 14 year old girl, with all the usual preoccupations: she wants to be beautiful, she has secret crushes and favorite things. There is only one small difference: Susie is dead, lured into a hiding place in a cornfield, then raped and murdered.

From beyond the grave, she now observes her grieving family: her father, obsessed with finding her murderer and obtaining justice; her mother, seeking to escape the unbearable pain of losing her child by forging a new life; and her smart sister, discovering boys and embarking on the journey that Susie herself never had the chance to take. And Susie is trying to find a way to help.

Alice Sebold’s best-selling novel transformed the horror-thriller trope of a crime and its aftermath into an elegiac meditation on life, love, and loss. As she wrote herself:

The line between the living and the dead could be blurry and blurry.

Award-winning British playwright Bryony Lavery has taken Sebold’s magnificent novel and created a visceral performance text that is both sparse and dense, which also surprises with its humor and verve.

New Theater is delighted to present the Australian premiere of this work.

A breathtaking adaptation ”British Theater Guide

New Theater once again welcomes director Deborah Mulhall, well known to our audiences for her productions of Pygmalion and The Lieutenant of Inishmore.

Deborah explains:

Years ago, I realized the popularity of the novel. Her authentic voice struck a chord with teenage girls around the world. Last year, I came across Bryony Lavery’s stage adaptation and brought it to the attention of Louise Fischer, artistic director of the New Theater. I’m delighted that the game reviewers gave him the ‘thumbs up’ to schedule him for production and that I was given the task of guiding him to the stage.

Sebold’s novel is a deeply insightful study of an unlived life. Susie’s authentic teenage voice resonates throughout, and Lavery’s adaptation is true to the novel’s intent and meaning.

Highlighting the story, and using the myth of Persephone, is a social commentary on how women are captured and imprisoned in “cages”: waiting cages or houses in the suburbs or relationships that hinder freedom. Essentially, it’s a story of grief, family, and a society that denies even women the knowledge of options.


  • To throw Mark Barry, Naomi Belet, Shiva Chandra, Ted Crosby, Lisa Hanssens, Cassady Maddox Booth, Anthony Michaels Eid, Sarah Maguire, Brendan McBride, Natasha McDonald, Kirsty Saville, Andrea Tan, Sean Taylor, Parker Texilake
  • Director Deborah Mulhall
  • Scenographer Robyn arthur
  • Lighting designer Michel schell
  • Costume designer Andrea Tan
  • Sound designer Sam barnett
  • Assistant Director Dimity Raftos

Season details

Date: November 23 – December 18, 2021

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