New Trailer and Release Date Set for Daily Wire’s ‘Shut In’


There’s a new release date and trailer for the first original film from conservative news site The Daily Wire. The movie is called Shut in, and it will be released on February 10.

The horror-thriller was announced in December, and it features the return of controversial director Vincent Gallo, who has been at an all-time low in the film industry for about a decade. It stars singer and actress Rainey Qualley as a single mother who is held prisoner with her two children by an abusive ex.

The film was shot in Tennessee. In the trailer, an abusive man abuses Qualley’s character and imprisons him. In one scene, she throws a brick through a car window in an attempt to escape while Gallo watches spookily through a window.

“When a young mother is barricaded in a pantry by her abusive ex-boyfriend, she must use her ingenuity to protect her two young children from growing danger while finding an escape,” the film’s synopsis reads. .

In another scene, she is sleeping on the bathroom floor. It’s atmospheric, gory, and feels stressful to watch — all positive benchmarks for a horror movie. Because it’s the Daily Wire, there’s some pretty obvious Christian imagery and a subplot that seems to involve drugs and the Bible.

DJ Caruso (Disorders) directed the film. Shut in first gained national attention as a 2019 Black List and BloodList script. It was originally to be produced by New Line, and Jason Bateman was attached to direct.

However, it went into development stasis, and eventually, producer Dallas Sonnier took it to The daily thread. Ben Shapiro, who runs the conservative news site, is also attached as a producer.

Rainey is the older sister of Margaret Qualley, a fairly well-known actress. Her mother is 1990s movie star Andie Macdowell. Qualley releases music under the name Rainsford.

It’s not The Daily Wire only foray into the cinema. He hired the old The Mandalorian star Gina Caruso after being fired for comparing being anti-vax to being a Jewish person during the Holocaust. This movie is called Terror in the prairie. There is no release date for the film yet, but it is expected later this year.

Voltage Pictures is handling international sales for both films, and Sonnier is also attached to produce. Sonnier said he loved the freedom of not going through the Hollywood machine.

“With the precariousness of today’s Hollywood landscape and the remarkable reach of its ruling class, we have made the difficult but prudent choice to venture further into the Wild West to make films on our own terms. The Daily Wire gave Gina and our team all the support any producer could ask for, now we have to go make them proud by producing something truly awesome.

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