Nicolas Cage – The Best Cage Genre Movies You Can Stream Tonight!

prolific actor Nicholas Cage has created an entire career creating unforgettable characters that often overshadow the films themselves. From his unhinged and manic turn as Peter Loew in vampire kiss do double duty in a brand new movie The unbearable weight of massive talent (our review), the troubadour engages regardless of the role.

This week’s streaming picks are dedicated to some of Nicolas Cage’s most memorable genre/horror performances, all demonstrative of his incredible range as an actor.

Here’s where you can stream them this week.

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mandy – AMC+, Plex, Frisson

Nicolas Cage is often so successful in his intentionally extreme performances that it can be easy to overlook the impressive breadth of his emotional range, restraint and complex acting that led to award-winning fame outside of the gender space. mandy serves as a powerful reminder. His turn as Red Miller effectively marries both sides of Cage as an actor; extremism and raw emotion combined into a volatile, broken man forced on a quest for revenge. The primal grief that erupts in this pivotal bathroom scene stands out. mandy is directly referenced in The unbearable weight of massive talent and includes replica props, making for a great double feature.

between the worlds -Netflix

Nicolas Cage plays Joe, a lonely man still clinging to the loss of his family. He is recruited by a mother to spiritually save her comatose daughter. They succeed, but Joe’s deceased wife has taken over the woman’s daughter. between the worlds ventures more into melodramatic soap opera territory than outright horror, creating plenty of cringe-worthy storylines in this bizarre love triangle tale. But for Cage fans, the supernatural movie has no shortage of memorable meta moments, including Joe reading a book written by Nicolas Cage while having sex. It’s as outrageous as it sounds.

Bring out the dead – Go maximum

Nicolas Cage bringing out the dead

Director Martin Scorsese couldn’t have chosen a better actor to play his deeply haunted protagonist, Frank Pierce. Frank is a cemetery paramedic on a months-long streak where he failed to save the lives of several of his patients. The story follows him for three nights, where his sanity is tested by a severe lack of sleep and the psychological consequences of his career. Nicolas Cage plays this state of mental fatigue, constantly on the verge of mental fatigue, so well in this underrated genre film.

ghost rider –Starz

Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider

To save his dying father, stuntman Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the Devil. But the devil is tricky, and poor Blaze ends up becoming a bounty hunter for hell, complete with a fiery skull. Let lifelong comic book fan Cage take a different approach to the cinematic superhero role. Instead of playing it completely straight, Cage gives his Ghost Rider an Elvis-esque swagger. More fun, Cage avoids taking the character too seriously, pushing the envelope as far as possible in the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (also available to stream on Starz). Remember that time Ghost Rider pissed on fire? You can’t ignore this kind of daring madness.

Mom and dad –Starz

If you want an unbridled Nicolas Cage in the best possible way, you want Mom and dad. The premise revolves around a mysterious virus that exclusively makes parents murderous of their own children, and as infected father Brent, Cage goes on a rampage. Selma Blair stands up to the actor as the equally unhinged mother, and the two are the only reason to watch this B-movie romp. It’s entertaining and funny, and Cage and Blair bring the pent-up rage of parental frustrations.

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