Nostalgic Movies Based on Your Hogwarts Home – Part 2



Let’s continue with our choices of nostalgic films based on your Hogwarts house. This time it’s for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, although you can check out our picks for Slytherin and Hufflepuff here. Grab your blankets and popcorn, because you’ll want to plan your next movie night after reading this list.


The Gryffindors take movie night seriously. They want something epic, amazing, or exciting. Whether it’s a horror movie, a crowd-pleasing adventure, or an overnight movie marathon, the Gryffindors are ready to take this night to the next level.

Die-hard Gryffindors: the Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon

One of the classic cinematic marathons is the the Lord of the Rings trilogy. After a true epic fantasy, this trilogy lasts between 9 and 11 and a half hours of viewing time – depending on whether or not you choose to go for the extended editions. Obviously, a Gryffindor has no problem with this challenge and is prepared with snacks, drinks, and coffee to last through the night.

A good thriller: Missing girl

Who doesn’t love a good thriller? Different from a scary horror movie, thrillers take you on a path of twists and turns, sometimes so elaborate that you don’t know who to trust. Missing girl is no exception. Enjoy heated debates over who’s right, who’s wrong, and who’s the bad guy in this interesting take on suburban life and female rage that will keep you guessing until the last minute.

A crowd pleaser: the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Sometimes you want a fun adventure movie without having to commit to a movie marathon. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is just that; it works perfectly well as a standalone movie. It has bags of nostalgia, adventure, whimsy, and a touch of historical fiction to complete it for a great movie night choice. Also, you can debate how you would sort the Pevensies and others Narnia characters – who agrees that Edmund is more Ravenclaw than Slytherin at heart?


You might think Ravenclaws might not be fun when it comes to movie night – that they might want a long, historic, dry movie, or worse yet… a documentary. But fear not; most Ravenclaws are just looking for something a little off the beaten path – something well designed and challenging while still being fun.

For the Ravenclaw with the most Wanderlust: Wall-E

Pixar films have a knack for filling the feel-good quality of Disney movies and movies that make you think seriously about the state of our world and the possibilities of our universe. Wall-E is a beautifully animated film that presents an apocalyptic future through the eyes of the cutest robot in the world. Who could ask for more?

For the Ravenclaw Inquisitor: The boy in the striped pajamas

Sometimes you just need a sad movie night – but who wants to watch Titanic four hundred times? Historical films (whether fictional or based on real life) can be a great choice for an emotional and uplifting film, but they don’t have to be long, boring, or dry. The boy in the striped pajamas deals with some really distressing events, but mostly from a children’s perspective, and it makes you look at those events from new angles. It’s a great pick for a historic pick, but keep handkerchiefs nearby.

For the Ravenclaw who just wants to relax: The princess to marry

The love of knowing, learning and pushing boundaries can be overwhelming at times. So for this Ravenclaw pick, we picked something witty but fun and light. The princess to marry is a great movie that plays on the tropes of fantasy and romance in a fun and enjoyable way. This classic flick is a must see for any band that wants a fun night out quoting lines, laughing, and responding to requests to pass the popcorn with “however you like”.

We hope these choices help you narrow down the scope of your next movie night. Rest assured that if it all falls apart, you can always switch to the tried and true classic: Harry potter.

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