Obscure Canadian horror film takes on new life streaming


October is a great time to settle in with a good horror movie. When the spooky season arrives, many new and classic horror movies soar in the streaming rankings as people try to scare themselves off. And right now, a Canadian horror film is dominating the streaming charts.

According to Flixpatrol, the horror film of 2021 Retirement is currently the 7th most popular movie on Hulu. An impressive feat for a film that received little hype before release. The film follows Renée and Valérie, a lesbian couple at a crossroads. While the couple love each other, their clashing personalities often lead to friction.

Fortunately, a weekend getaway to the Canadian countryside to plan a friend’s wedding gives them the chance to relax and work on their issues. Sadly, this plan quickly derails as the girls find themselves in danger as a group of extremist activists want to kill them both. It forces the girls to run for their lives and fight tooth and nail for survival as they try to stay together.

Retirement was directed by Pat Mills and was written by Alyson Richards. Richards said she aimed to subvert expectations with the film and that Renee and Valerie deliberately avoided or distorted the final girlish shots found in many slasher movies, including girls avoiding common pitfalls and dangers. Tommie-Amber Pirie and Sarah Allen embody the main couple and deliver an exceptional performance. They act like tough guys throughout the execution, which often makes this movie feel like a female version of the last one. evil Dead movie theater.

However, the response to the film is decently mixed, with many reviews giving it low or poor ratings. Many have pointed out that the film is shallow and feels generic at times, which is only made worse by the decently short runtime. For this reason, the film has a critical score of 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences seemed to agree with most critics, and the film has an audience score of 59% on the service, with many user reviews saying the film was generic and over the top.

However, the horror-focused outlets were a lot nicer to the film. Many have praised it for being both a lesbian-directed horror film and a fascinating subversion of horror tropes. In fact, a few horror media have said that they think the film is slightly too subtle with its subversions and should have done more, causing the film to come closer to something like Cabin in the woods.

Retirement is an excellent slasher. While not as groundbreaking as some would like, the main cast and fast pace make it a truly fun experience, perfect for a chilly fall evening. If you are looking for a queer movie to enjoy this Halloween season, then Retirement should be on your watch list.

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