One of the most over-the-top horror movies of the 2010s is now on Netflix

The year is 2010; you’ve just bought a box of popcorn and a large coke, and you’re about to don a pair of movie-ready 3D glasses that are sure to be outrageously ridiculous. Life is beautiful.

There are a few movies that fit this description, and more often than not they involve some sort of natural disaster combined with an entirely exaggerated wild animal.

Think Sharknado, Zombeavers and Lavalantulawhich a) yes, do exist, and b) speak for themselves.

Without surprise piranha is no different, and those looking to enjoy an evening laughing at the terror of the characters will be pleased to know that it’s available now on Netflix.

See the chaos unfold below:

Considered a horror comedy, piranha explains what happens when a sudden underwater earthquake causes a crack in the ground and releases hundreds of prehistoric man-eating fish, sparking terror among the students who are at the lake enjoying their vacation of spring.

It’s actually a remake of the 1978 film of the same name, and the over-the-top drama quickly becomes clear in the trailer, when a diver sent to explore a newly opened underwater crevasse finds himself surrounded by the man-eating fish.

There are unsuspecting victims in the form of college students, a policeman armed with a power saw, and fish who will stop at nothing to devour anything that moves. What more could you want?

Fans are understandably very excited to be able to stream the film on demand now that it has arrived on Netflix, with one Twitter user writing: “This is not a drill…the 2010 fantasy film #Piranha is finally here. on Netflix!!! It’s brutal, gore, funny, Kelly Brook is awesome and he’s a fucking ace. Check it out!”

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Another commented: “Thank you to whoever at Netflix has made the choice to put the gem that is the piranha do it again.”

Fans waste no time settling in for a viewing, so much so that piranha has already made it into Netflix’s Top 10 British Movies.

The movie might not be one to watch particularly seriously, but it actually scored a pretty impressive 74% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. This is next though, Piranha 3DDwas not so favorably received.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t available in the 3D glory of its original release, but I don’t doubt for a minute that it will be chaotic enough without the fish literally jumping at you. Good viewing !

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