One thing Nope brings to the horror genre that Daniel Kaluuya thinks is “pretty special”

Darkness is usually the best backdrop for a horror movie, because you don’t know what’s lurking in the corners you can’t see. When it comes to the new movie release Nope, that statement still applies to parts of the narrative but, according to star Daniel Kaluuya, writer, director and producer Jordan Peele did something “pretty special” with his horror flick. It turns out that the menace that plagues this movie is just as terrifying in broad daylight as it is in relative darkness.

Daniel Kaluuya was recently a guest on the spicy food talk show which is The hottest and, in the early stages of his hot wing journey, the Nope star tiptoes around what exactly is so special about this movie. That being said, here’s how Daniel Kaluuya dutifully praised Jordan Peele for his handling of the movie threat:

Yeah, because you can see things when the sun is up. That’s what’s really interesting about this process, it’s like when it’s dark, you can’t look up in the sky and see — I can’t really spoil this — but [Peele] found a way to bring the fear to light, basically. Which I find quite special.

Trailers for Nope did a pretty good job of keeping the film’s secrets, while providing enough visual clues to back up the actor’s assessment above. While there are naturally some sequences that are more nocturnal in nature, playing out in the usual darkness found in a horror film, a good portion of the film takes place in broad daylight. Without spoiling the fun, some clever plot devices and a very important stipulation factor about how this thriller keeps us in the dark while playing in the light.

Credit must be given to Daniel Kaluuya for two great accomplishments. Not only is his performance in this new horror entry a fantastic, low-key presence in the ensuing mayhem, he was able to avoid spilling secrets while under the influence of hot sauce. No wonder he and the get out the director has retooled for this film, which forces Kaluuya to do the heartbreaking choice not to play in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The audience’s reaction to the film is almost as exciting as discovering its hidden elements. Jordan Peele’s latest mystery box seems to have swung for the fences, with Nope divide the critics In the process. For some, this could be a sign of potential failure. While others might view the film as Daniel Kaluuya sees its use of daytime scares, viewing this lack of consensus as another “pretty special” feat he managed to pull off.

You can have your say in how the film sticks on landing, as it’s currently playing at a theater near you. If you have already seen the film, do not hesitate to read our analyse of Nope‘Sending in progress. Also, don’t forget that Universal Studios Hollywood has a new experience based on the movie on its Backlot Tour, which is reason enough to opt for a VIP package. If not, enter the picture with an open mind, because the tagline “it’s not what you think” is more than apt for what’s at the heart of this new tale.

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