Paris Jackson prepares her first tour in partnership with AEG

Paris Jackson is preparing her very first tour!

The second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson, the king of pop music, has followed in the footsteps of his late father in the entertainment industry.

However, TMZ recently shared that the budding musician’s debut tour was being promoted by none other than AEG; the same company sued for the death of the “Smooth Criminal” artist.

Paris Jackson partners with the infamous AEG company


Before the death of MJ, the famous artist made a last tour which was unfortunately interrupted by his untimely demise.

The “Billie Jean” singer’s latest show was promoted by AEG, which was reportedly involved in the late artist’s daughter’s first tour as a solo artist.

According to sources, Paris would be hitting the road in March and their first concert was planned in their namesake city in France.

The weekend show in Paris was promoted by AEG, which came as a surprise given the Jackson family’s dark past with the company.

A year after the “Beat It” singer passed away in 2009, the pop icon’s mother Katherine has sued the promoter over her son’s wrongful death.

The lawsuit claimed that AEG was partly responsible for MJ’s death for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, the top-ranked personal physician at the time of his death.

Unfortunately for the Jackson family, the jury found in the company’s favor, saying AEG was not responsible for the Hollywood Walk of Fame alum’s death from drug addiction.

Given that Paris’ grandmother blamed the promoter for not prioritizing the “Beat It” musician’s health, it was baffling to see how the young singer teamed up with AEG for her first tour.

As the outlet shared, the company would only promote the 23-year-old artist’s show in Paris, while the rest of the tour would take place in the United States.

For the upcoming concert, fans will be able to see the singer perform alongside Patrick Droney in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, and more.

The model’s godfather, Macaulay Culkin, helped her land a role in ‘American Horror Stories’

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song quit his Largo podcast show

Last year, The Blast revealed that beloved child star Macaulay Culkin helped Paris with her auditions for the hit series ‘American Horror Stories’.

During his lifetime, the King of Pop was good friends with Culkin and even named the “Home Alone” star godfather to his children.

Naturally, after MJ’s death, the “RICHIE RICH” actor fulfilled this role to the best of his ability by becoming the guardian and mentor of his late friend’s children.

As for Paris, the 23-year-old previously confessed that she got some of her best acting tips and tricks from Culkin, especially while auditioning for “American Horror Stories.”

According to the “disappointed” singer, her sponsor advised her on how best to portray the given character during the auditions. In his words:

“He said to overdo it at times, kind of like, overdo it and make it theatrical.”

Along with helping her pass the show’s tryouts, ‘The Good Son’ star was also her goddaughter’s confidante while they were on the show.

At the time, the “Habit” actress revealed that the cast had signed a strict NDA agreement prohibiting them from revealing the show’s content.

That’s why whenever Paris felt like discussing the thriller series, she would call Culkin since the two were both members of the “Part of the American Horror Story” franchise.

Paris-Jackson Revealed that her late father was aware of her sexuality

As The Blast reports, the late pop culture icon was loved not only for his contributions to music, dance and fashion, but also for his affectionate side.

According to the daughter of the 15-time Grammy winner, the “Bad” singer was a sensational entertainer and caring parent.

During an episode of Paris’ Facebook Watch series “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn,” the 23-year-old shared some juicy details about her late father.

The “Gringo” actress said the late entertainer was aware of her bisexual nature, but rather than judging her romantic interests, MJ always made her daughter feel loved.

The model revealed that her father teased his children about their love life and always got excited whenever they found a partner. The legendary musician died in 2009 when Paris was just 11 years old.

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