REAWAKEN (2022) Chinese Horror Preview [trailer]

Wake up is a 2022 Chinese horror film about a guilt-ridden young woman who blames herself for the accidental death of her brother.

Directed by Guo Yufeng, making his directorial debut, from a screenplay written by Xiao Er.

The film stars Lu Caiyi, Jin Junxiu, Wang Liyu, Ning Haoran, and Zhang Jingtong.

An accident causes Su Yiwen to suffer a nervous breakdown and fall into painful childhood memories: her younger sister Su Yiwen went up to the attic to chase a ball and died. His parents and those around him blamed him for not taking good care of his younger sister. These people have always been a shadow in his heart, making him feel that life is unbearable.

In order to help Su Yiwen return to normal, a psychiatrist carefully designs a cognitive story for her under hypnosis, allowing her to relive this process in her dream…

In China, the film will be released on August 12, 2022.

Original title:
致命记忆之花开双生 aka Zhìmìng jìyì zhī huā kāi shuāngshēng “Deadly Memory Blooms Twins”

Technical details:
1 hour 27 minutes


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