Remake of UK anthology series ‘Inside No. 9’ in the works for Amazon Freevee

Amazon free, the ad-supported streaming service formerly known as IMDb TV, has unveiled an expanded roster of Originals. Among them is a new remake of the British series “Interior No. 9», an anthology series that mixes horror, black humor, crime and suspense.

Currently in development, “From Lionsgate Television and BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions, this dark comedy features high stakes, shocking twists and the unexpected.”

Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith (In the ground, A field in England) created the original award-winning BBC anthology series. Each episode, which often explores twists and tropes of the genre, is loosely linked by the number nine and a brass bunny figurine.

Pemberton and Shearsmith will produce the new series alongside Angie Stephenson and Josh Cole.

Co-Head of Content and Programming Lauren Anderson said Deadline in a statement, “We want to make television interesting, inventive and loud and this show is one of them. We hope we can make a version worthy of the legacy.

This legacy is a high bar to cross, as “Inside No. 9” is currently one of the best shows you dont watch.

Our own Paul Lê said, of its sixth season, that the series “remains unmatched when it comes to creating self-contained universes and eccentric casts.Series 7 of the UK version of ‘Inside No. 9’ is currently airing Wednesday nights on BBC Two.

While Pemberton and Shearsmith star in the original series, who will star in the remake has yet to be announced. Pemberton took to Twitter to encourage fan-casting:

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