Revisit the unforgettable horror hospital scene in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2”!

It’s the season to watch vacation-themed horror movies, and we’re here to make it even easier for you. We’re breaking down the best holiday horror picks from the many streaming apps available to us, and this round we highlight Netflix and Main video‘s seasonal delicacies.

Neither Netflix nor Prime Video decorated the hallways in December, at least not when it comes to holiday-themed horror. Still, we’ve found a few highlights that are worth showing off anyway. From intense thrills to family thrills, here’s what to stream this month.

On Netflix:


This short six-episode binge-watch is the equivalent of a Marvel movie in terms of length. This is a family trip to a remote island for their Christmas vacation, in which case they immediately break all the rules and run into the locals. When the teenage daughter steals away and befriends an injured baby elf, it causes a power shift that puts everyone’s lives in danger. An easy and airy holiday horror watch that favors the origins of dark fairy tales.

Wait for further instructions

The Milgram family gathered for Christmas dinner celebrations only to find themselves trapped in their home by a mysterious black substance just outside. The TV transmits a single line message: “Wait for further instructions. Paranoia turns their night of celebration into a dinner full of carnage. If you’re in the mood for some dark, sci-fi-fueled holiday horror, this is the place for you.

Let me enter

Before the release of Matt Reeves’ next film The batman, discover his remake of Leave the one on the right in. It’s a faithful adaptation of the source material, and the cast is stellar. Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Owen, a shy and bullied boy who unwittingly befriends a vampire, Abby (Chloe Moretz). The always amiable Richard Jenkins plays his companion. Sure, it might not be a conventional Christmas movie, but its wintry setting and themes of a found family seem appropriate for the season nonetheless.

Alien christmas

Alien christmas is not horror, but it is created by the Chiodo brothers (Killer Klowns From Outer Space), so we consider this to be a family offering that straddles our favorite genre. Directed by Stephen Chiodo, the animated stop-motion special follows a little alien named X as he tries to save the world from aliens to steal Earth’s gravity. It’s also a fast 40-minute pace.

The Conjuring 2

Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to north London to help a struggling family cope with a terrifying haunt. The James Wan sequel escalates the terror and introduces some memorable ghosts. This includes the demonic nun who steals the scene, Valak. As if that weren’t enough, it just happens to be the holiday season. Ed and Lorraine might be busy fighting evil here, but they’re also taking the time to spread the holiday cheer.

On Prime Video:

Dead end

Ray Wise and Lin Shaye are the head of this horror road movie that takes place on Christmas Eve. When Ray Wise’s Frank chooses to take the scenic drive on the long drive to Frank’s in-laws, things quickly turn sour. But never quite as expected. Essentially a bedroom room, mostly located within the confines of the car, Dead end is a clever horror film with a great cast and unpredictable twists and turns. There is also a lot of humor to help relieve the tension.

the children

Children have a penchant for goosebumps in horror, and the children falls under the subgenres of child killers. Isolated family and friends meeting over Christmas end up pitting children against parents when a horrific virus breaks out. If you think the vacation setting means the tamer is killing, you are wrong; these children are malicious little killers.

the jaws of santa claus

If you’ve fortified your eggnog a little too hard and need something irreverent and silly, this is for you. It features a killer shark wearing a Santa hat on the loose, making its way through a naughty list. That’s all you need to know to figure out if this absurd horror comedy is for you or not.

Better be careful

This title is for those who enjoy their holiday horror full of dark humor and a nasty streak. A babysitter job in a quiet suburb turns into a painful night for the babysitter when her ward’s home is besieged by intruders. There is so much more to this twist of home invasion horror than meets the eye, and it’s vicious. A creepy villain and brutal murder riff on a family vacation favorite make him a memorable and crowd-pleasing choice.


This horror thriller will make you think twice before devoting too much of your life to work. Rachel Nichols’ Angela is a corporate workaholic, the last to leave the office on Christmas Eve. So now is the perfect time for a psychopath to hold their hostage in the parking lot – the parking lot is intense, efficient, and quite savage. P2 is available on IMDb TV via Prime Video.

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