Ryan Reynolds starred in comedy horror film, ‘The Voices’

It is also directed by an award-winning author.

A look back at some of the pre-dead Pool movies!

Arguably Ryan Reynolds’ sleepiest film role was his 1996 appearance as Seth in the film version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The film was a precursor to the popular TV show, and Reynolds sported a perfect ’90s hairstyle with frosted tips.

But that’s not the movie we’re talking about this Halloween.

Campy high school antics are a great Halloween revival, but there’s a more gruesome and surprisingly humorous role from Reynolds that deserves a second look this spooky season.

The voices is a black horror comedy directed by Marjane Satrapi, a Franco-Iranian filmmaker and novelist who gave the world Persepolis.

The film was released in 2014, after Proposal but before dead Pool propelled Reynolds to Hollywood legend status. In it, he gives an outstanding performance as a factory worker in a “devil versus angel on my shoulder” type scenario, except that the respective moral compasses are voiced by his cat and dog.

Without saying too much, expect murder, mayhem, and twisted humor as Reynolds’ character struggles to keep his life together.

The film was by no means a box office success, but over the years critics have added it to their lists of underrated horror-comedy films and have come to appreciate the film’s vision. quirky world of Satrapi.

Definitely, one to stick with a group of friends as Halloween approaches.

But here’s a picture of Ryan Reynolds in Sabrina the Teenage Witch for good measure.

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