Scaredy Cats Names The Best Horror Movies That Created A False Sense Of Security

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horror lovers secure a collection of films that create a false sense of security before exploding in terror.

Redditor cheemsgyaru started this discussion full of spoilers asking, “Which horror movie does the best job of lulling you into a false sense of security?” »

They made the first selection: the comedy-horror 2006 Breakup, which they say is “not the best movie”, but fits the prompt because it is “about some workers who go to a company retreat in the woods and are brutally tortured by killers sadists who hide in the woods”. The Redditor likened it to “an episode of Office where the team is unexpectedly kidnapped and viciously mutilated.

As for the critically acclaimed gems, another user picked the Oscar winner Rosemary’s baby because it’s “45 minutes of a well-shot, well-acted film about nothing and then all of a sudden it’s completely fucked up and it’s been fucked up for a while but you don’t know how long.”

Many others clearly agree, such as Rosemary’s baby is the most voted selection.

Another popular choice is Hearing. “The entire first half of the movie is a fake-out . . . ” wrote FZWZ69, “and before you have a chance to breathe, you have to turn left into F**kdatville.”

Other fraudulently serene films include drag me to hell, Creepand Fly.

We would like to name From dusk till dawn because, although the criminal elements didn’t really get us to safety, they assured us that there would be no vampires. Boy, were we wrong.

Reddit picks more From dusk till dawn fall into a genre we call “calm to chaotic”.

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