‘Sister Darkness’ – The director of ‘The Crow’ is making a haunted house horror movie!

While Alex Proyas went on to make several major studio films, he is best known to horror fans as the director of both The crow and underrated criminals dark city. Now he returns to our genre with his first outright horror film, Sister Darknesswho hit the current Cannes market, discovered Bloody Disgusting.

Described as a gruesome fever dream of revenge and gothic terror with deep franchise potential, Sister Darkness is set in 1930s UK, at a time when women were marginalized and exploited.

“It follows newlywed but hapless Alice who stumbles upon her doppelganger Isla, whose existence is a mystery seeped in a tale of bloody retaliation against her oppressors, the hellish supernatural nightscape, and a fearsome uprising against the deceitful aristocracy.”

Proyas’ main vision is inspired by British horror films of the 60s and 70s with a deep reverence for legendary films such as Innocents and The legend of the house of hell!

Proyas studio production company Heretic Foundation and its IP development company Mystery Clock Cinema today announced the co-production/funding partnership with UK company 108 Media which is leading the charge to kick off global sales and packaging of the Proyas’ latest feature film project.

The estimated $35 million production is based on an original script by Proyas and will be shot in his hometown of Australia from late 2022 to mid-2023, using a unique, fully virtual production process specially developed and refined. by its VFX studio Heretic Foundation, which has been developing groundbreaking approaches to filmmaking in this space since 2020.

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