So… is “Peaky Blinders” a horror movie now?

The big idea of Peaky Blinders has always been that it mixed your British period drama with your American Western. Sometimes it was more of a period drama; sometimes it was more of a western. But it was always somewhere on a continuum in between.

However, judging by episode two of season six, it’s looking more and more like Peaky Blinders will sign off as a horror movie for good.

Of course, this has always been a ghost story. Tommy and Arthur Shelby were ghouls from the start, men whose souls died in the mud and mud of France. But the gears have definitely changed now. The call comes from inside the house.

Let’s look at the evidence. First up: young Ruby. Tommy and Lizzie’s daughter may be all sweet and lighthearted most of the time, but lately she’s transformed into Linda Blair from The Exorcist in the power of Damien the omen.

Lizzie discovers page after page of gruesome drawings—formless, nameless horrors with hungry mouths and gaping eyes—presumably drawn by her.

The Shelbys have never seen Insidious? Others? Corn Children? the ring? It’s extremely shitty Doctor Who episode taking place during the Olympic Games? A kid drawing an unnamed demon face is the moment you pack a bag, close the front door, and call in the Ghostbusters.


Then, as Lizzie goes to find out what is going on, she finds her daughter sitting alone, facing her.

“I can hear voices,” said Ruby, Sixth Sense-ly. “Coming through the chimney.”

The strings climb and crunch. Ruby also has premonitions and visions of a gray man which could be a vision Tommy continues to have of a man he killed in the trenches. But she says he is coming to get her.

And Tommy isn’t the only one with seizures, remember. Lizzie explained in the first episode that Ruby “kept saying those gypsy words, ‘tickna mora…tickna mora o’beng, o’beng’ over and over”.

This piece of Romani roughly translates, according to Steven Knight, as “devil”.

It means a little more than that, but yeah,” he said Digital spy. “So it’s not good. It is not a good thing.”

You do not say. The pivot to horror in Episode 2 suggests we’re expecting a very different type of finale to previous seasons. Peaky Blinders tended to opt for either a fiery gunfight (season four) or a slow-burn confrontation (season one, season two, season three).

Even though he’s fighting Mosley and Michael, it looks like this time around Tommy will be fighting harder than ever. Going back to the beginning, to the trauma which is the one thing Tommy can’t get over or past, would be a fitting ending.

Oh, and the other thing about horror movies: the kid usually does it. But the child’s father rarely does.

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