Strictly Come Dancing star John Whaite in HUGE career change

Come dance strictly The 2021 contestant, John Whaite, has reportedly been considered for a role on stage, following his string of impressive performances with his professional partner Johannes Radebe.

Perhaps their most theatrical dance was their bakery-themed Charleston, which scored them an impressive 38 out of 40 points, with the duo being praised for their timing and sassy on the dance floor.

John is best known for winning the third round of The Great British Cake, so Charleston’s much-loved routine was a sweet tribute to her time spent on the baking contest.

Strictly Come Dancing John and Johannes

John and Johannes wowed the judges with their dancing. (Image credit: BBC)

It seems John’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as a TV source told The Sun: “It wasn’t just his moves on Strictly that caught the directors’ attention, it was also the charisma and self-confidence as he finds himself in the spotlight. “

They added that he tackled the series’ first gay male partnership with aplomb, adding: “Far from being a shrinking purple, he has been a shining star. Additionally, he has posted videos where he sings and plays guitar, making him a ‘triple threat’ in the West End. “

It’s about to get even more whimsical too, as John and Johannes perform a Viennese waltz to the timeless song Chim Chim Cher-ee during Musical Week, dressed as chimney sweeps in homage to Mary Poppins.

Strictly Come Dancing John and Johannes

John isn’t afraid to step into character when he’s dancing. (Image credit: BBC)

Although John has given no public indication that he could be on stage anytime soon, he is definitely a fan of musicals and theater, revealing that his favorite is To rent, the iconic rock musical set in 1980s New York amid the AIDS crisis.

He told The Sun: “It’s my favorite musical because it’s about liberation, not going with the flow, living a bohemian lifestyle and not letting people step on you. at the end of the day, it’s about love, no matter who or what you are. “

John has already said how nice it was to be involved in Strictly‘s first all-male couple, telling the BBC at the time of their announcement: “What’s more exciting for me is that I’m going to be half of the first all-male partnership, which is a big step forward in representation and inclusion.

Come dance strictly continues on BBC1 with Musicals Week on Saturday nights. For full listings, see our British TV guide.

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