Suicide Squad director James Gunn made his feature film debut with the disgusting horror film Slither, set in British Columbia.



Writer-director James Gunn’s superhero blockbuster The suicide squad opens in theaters today, and apparently it’s great.

Looks like Gunn is doing pretty well for a guy who made his feature debut with a bloody, over-the-top horror comedy set mostly in the Fraser Valley.

To glide came out 15 years ago and, despite Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, and Nathan Fillion, was a box office failure. But the horror monsters didn’t care at all. Canadian Horror Mag Morgue street named it best feature film of the year.[25]

Just before To glide I interviewed Gunn, who explained that he’s been a horror fan for a long time. He actually made his film debut at the age of 12.

Night of the Living Dead scared me, “the director recalls from his LA home,” and I could tell it was made on a very low budget. So I started making my own movies, most of which were about zombies, which were usually my brothers eating my other brother.

To glide was the kind of bloody party you’d expect from a writer-director who cut his teeth at New York’s low-budget horror factory, Troma Entertainment.

“Troma gave me great training in the basics of prosthetic effects,” Gunn said, “but it also gave me a feel for what it’s like to make a movie every step of the way of making a movie. a movie. So I got a feel for how to do preproduction, with locating and casting, and all the way through marketing and managing the NPAA and all the other issues that come up in postproduction. Film school can give people some of that education, but in Troma I was able to get it all, without art.

To glide was different from most of the popular horror movies that came out of Hollywood at the time. On the one hand, it was not plagued by brutal sadism and torture. But Gunn denied that his insanely comedic bent was a response to the grim, punitive horror that had taken over theaters at the time.

“I don’t think it’s a backlash,” he told me. “In fact, I think Hostel and Saw and The devil’s rejections are probably the best horror movies of recent years. The things we’ve seen have been either bullies like this or PG-13 horror for little girls, so it’s good to come out with a movie that just does its own thing. To glide is his own animal. And listen, most of the people who love Hostel seems to like To glide too much. They’re very different movies but they’re both directed by directors who love horror movies, and that’s a rarity these days.

Slither Official Trailer Video # 1 – Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks Horror-Coedy (2006) HD

here is my original Georgia Straight review of To glide from 2006:

Before breaking into the horror world as the screenwriter of the excellent 2004 film Dawn of the Dead remake, James Gunn has spent years working hard for Troma Entertainment, the New York-based company famous for its shocking no-budget like The poisonous avenger and Nuke ‘Em High Class. The gonzo and gore Troma spirit is clearly evident in Gunn’s directorial debut, To glide, an over-the-top splash comedy about space slug-like stuff that plagues a community of brain-dead chicks and turns them into bile-coughing zombies.

This is the kind of crazy movie for anyone who’s twice watched distorted Troma titles like Surf Nazis Must Die and Chopper chicks in Zombie Town.

The fun begins when a meteorite lands in the forest, invisible to the stupid cops nearby, who are more concerned with using their radar guns to track the speed of nightjars. In addition to the local police, the fiery city mayor, Jack MacReady (Double body‘s Gregg Henry), is a work; he is presented to him when he bellows in the street, in front of a mother and her child: “Get out, you asshole!” (Sadly, MacReady’s explosions get less and less comical as the movie unfolds.)

Favorite genre Michael Rooker, known for his chilling portrayal of murderous vagrant Henry Lee Lucas in Henry: Portrait of a serial killer, steals the show as low-key local businessman Grant Grant. During a drenched walk in the woods, he discovers the meteorite split like a slimy coconut and makes the honest mistake of pricking its disgusting contents with a stick. The pulsating slime projects a dart-shaped tentacle into its belly, triggering Grant’s transformation into a raw meat-covered, pustule-covered mad host for the alien parasite.

Before I can say Thrill or Cache, slug-like creatures are everywhere, attacking young women in bathtubs and forcing themselves into people’s mouths. Makeup Artist and Creature Effects Artist Todd Masters (Predator, HBO Six feet Under ground) has a field day with the viscous foam latex and silicone prosthetics that compete for screen time with the suitably cheesy CGI.

To glideThe insane charm of stretching thin enough in the almost numbing rain of flying flesh and hokey liners (“He looks like something that fell off my dick in the war!”), But his cringe / laugh quotient should satisfy most fans of these low budget exclusionary efforts.


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