Tanya Payne’s “The Black Rose” is an action-packed thriller that finds a dangerous serial killer on the loose in Salem.

‘The Black Rose’: Enjoyable detective fiction that will engage the imagination from page one. “The Black Rose” is the creation of published author Tanya Payne.

Payne shares, “It was October 21, 1984, ten days before Halloween. Salem, Massachusetts would never be the same again. A young girl from Salem High School has taken it upon herself to solve a crime as terrifying as she could ever be. What she discovered was beyond her worst nightmare.

“The horror began on the night of October 20. The first body was found next to an old abandoned church. The body was that of a young woman. She had been decapitated, probably because she had been accused of witchcraft, and next to the rotting body lay a black rose. But what did that mean?

“Two other young girls disappeared the following night. Their bodies were also found next to old abandoned churches. They were also beheaded and a black rose was left next to each body. There was a serial killer at work.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tanya Payne’s new book is an exciting and enjoyable thriller that will have readers racing to see who might be behind the gruesome crime scenes.

Payne shares a gripping tale within the pages of her seminal novel.

Consumers can purchase “The Black Rose” at traditional bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “The Black Rose,” contact Christian Faith Publishing’s media department at 866-554-0919.

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