The 10 best movies rated under 5.0 on IMDb


It takes a lot for a movie to be rated below 5.0 on the Internet Movie Database – it’s almost like the filmmakers have to try and make a movie so horrible to be unanimously considered so bad. But among the hundreds of shark movies and horror movies shot with shaking camcorders, there are actually some movies that are a lot of fun and more watchable than some top rated ones.

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Whether it’s because they got better with age or because of the wild facts behind the scenes, these films are extremely entertaining. And between a live-action movie with an animated kangaroo and a few misunderstood superhero movies, these movies might not be great, but they are arguably more engaging than ever.


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) – 4.3

Nic Cage transforms into Ghost Rider in Spirit of Vengeance.

If some viewers think the first movie is one of the worst comic book adaptations, then they’ll definitely hate it. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance even more. However, the sequel might be overstated, as Johnny Blaze literally growls into the camera as he rides a motorcycle and has his head transformed into a skeletal skull.

The film sees Nicolas Cage sink even deeper into the role of Johnny Blaze and he is more liberated than ever. Two-thirds of the way through the movie, everything gets completely out of hand, from Cage’s performance to the bizarre narrative. It’s trashy fun at its best.

Home Alone 3 (1997) – 4.5

Alex and his sister sitting at the table

There are a few selected Redditors who love each Alone at home movie. That might be a bit of a stretch given that direct-to-video movies are almost unsettling in the way they try to recreate the magic of the originals. And the extremely negative reception of Home Sweet Home Alone speaks for itself. However, there is a lot to like Home alone 3, even if there is no Kevin McCallister.

Alex, the protagonist of the trio, is just as convincing as Kevin, the traps are more creative and he also presents a fascinating first performance by Scarlett Johannson. And as the story follows a group of international terrorists instead of the Wet Bandits, Home alone 3 also tries to make the series more cinematic.

The Cat in the Hat (2004) – 4.0

The Cat in the Hat holds a garden hoe as Sally and Conrad watch

Following the success of How the Grinch stole Christmas, the cat in the hat was the second live-action adaptation of Dr. Seuss, but it didn’t quite land as well as the Christmas movie. The cat in the hat has a horrendous score on IMDb, and that’s mostly due to the heaviness of the slapstick comedy and over-the-top deliveries from the actors.

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But compared to Grumpy, this film is cheerfully colorful. Mike Myers’ performances are rare these days, so it’s fun to see the comedian outside his comfort zone. The movie also features some great hands-on sets and surprisingly awesome stunts.

Jack kangaroo (2003) – 4.4

Jack kangaroo has a fascinating history. The film was originally intended to be a road trip comedy aimed at adults, but according to the Los Angeles Times, it was made into a children’s film about a kangaroo in post-production. And with that knowledge, it makes watching the movie so much more interesting.

Between trying to figure out which parts of the movie have been edited and now understanding the context of the original insane jokes, Jack kangaroo is actually quite entertaining. And since there are a lot of infamous director cuts that could be out there, it would be great if the original cut for the 2003 film ever saw the light of day.

Batman and Robin (1997) – 3.8

Mr. Freeze shoots his Cold Gun in Batman & Robin

Now 24 years after its release, there’s no denying that Batman and robin is underestimated. The movie was criticized and hated by fans for acting like a commercial for a two hour toy, but there’s a lot going on. Batman and robin does well that it is not credited. The film is unpretentious, it wastes no time with exhibition monologues, and Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy is iconic.

On top of that, audiences might laugh at all of the movie’s wacky lines, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made it their bread and butter, and nearly every single one of these movies is to critical acclaim. Phrases like “This is why Superman works alone” sound like something Tony Stark would say with his dry mind, and Batman and robin did it first.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) – 4.9

Alex worn by his trainer in Charlie's Angels Full Throttle

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is another sequel that had a very low bar given that its predecessor was so negatively received. But when it was released 18 years ago, the sequel was hated even more than the original.

Full throttle It might not exactly have the most cohesive plot, but there are still things it does better than the first film. The three protagonists have so much onscreen chemistry, and they all have such high morale and energy. It’s also packed with cameos like Bruce Willis, Melissa McCarthy, and even the Pussycat Dolls.

Deck The Halls (2006) – 5.0

Christmas movies seem to be held to a different standard on IMDb – a higher standard if scores are anything to follow.

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Bridge the corridors has an average of 5.0 on IMDb, and while it’s far from the best Christmas movie in the world, it’s packed with classic slapstick comedies and is great for fans of Alone at home. The film follows two neighbors who find themselves in a feud as they argue over the most beautiful Christmas decorations.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) – 4.3

Director Robert Rodriguez has thankfully settled into a unique directing style where he builds intentionally schlocky films influenced by 50s flicks and cheesy sci-fi movies. So many other directors tried to emulate his style, but none came close.

Many may have been wrong Spy Kids 3-D: End of the game for being unintentionally bad, as that is the only explanation for his low score. The 3D look of the movie may have taken the novelty too far, but the movie has the classic spy on children kitsch and all the fun, comedy and shiny gadgets together.

The bedroom (2003) – 3.7

Tommy Wiseau holds a soccer ball in The Room

Of all the movies rated under 5.0, Bedroom was probably the most watched. The San Francisco-based drama has become a cult classic for its poor direction. Everything from the way it’s shot and the acting to the storytelling is shocking, but these are the same reasons why Bedroom is so bad it’s good.

While the poor quality of the movie is the very reason viewers love it, at this point most viewers watch it like it’s a comedy as they laugh at almost every line of it. dialogue and action. Bedroom has kind of become a part of pop culture and there’s even a big Hollywood movie, The artist of disaster, based on the making of the 2003 film.

The Flintstones (1994) – 4.9

The Flintstones was treated unfairly by critics when it was released in 1994; it’s almost like they’ve mistaken it for something other than what it is, which is a fun kid movie. It’s an honestly faithful adaptation of the cartoon and it’s definitely silly, feet for wheels and all.

But what makes the film more appealing than ever is the practical set design. There are real rocks and practical “dinosaurs”, and although they don’t always hold a candle to the tastes of jurassic park, if the film were shot today, it would be entirely in CGI. On top of that, he was perfectly cast, as John Goodman’s portrayal of Fred is legendary.

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