The 8 Horror Movies Every Queer Person Should Watch This Scary Season

Spooky season is upon us, which means it’s time to pull out the horror movies and decorate the house with pumpkins, cobwebs and anything remotely ghoulish.

Sure, horror and thriller movies are great year-round (provided you don’t watch them home alone at 1 a.m.), but there’s no denying that they hit differently around Halloween.

And the only thing better than a horror movie is a queer horror movie, right? But they can be hard to find.

Never be afraid, however. We’ve got your spooky season covered – check out our spooky movie recommendations, dating back to the 1960s and some modern day screams…

Now, we couldn’t start this list with anything other than the movie that catapulted Megan Fox to bi-con status, could we?

Jennifer’s body has become a true cult classic, to the point that Megan herself says it’s the proudest she’s ever been of a project.

With Amanda Seyfried (this is not Mama Mia!, let that be clear), Megan plays Jennifer Check, a disruptive teenage girl who becomes possessed and turns into a succubus after being sacrificed to Satan. Jennifer seduces the boys at her school into sexual activity before killing them, delivering a flurry of iconic lines along the way, not to mention this fucking with best friend Anita ‘Needy’ Lesnicki (Amanda). However, her longtime friend Needy must stop Jennifer before she attacks her lover Chip.

Honestly, this movie is a movie to dig up every year, plus it makes some amazing Halloween costumes.

If you think you’ve found a movie with the most twists and turns, think again because Perfection will surprise you minute by minute.

What’s so great about this thriller, besides the suspense, is how completely homosexuality is normalized and simply integrated into the plot as any heterosexual relationship would be. There’s no extended exit plot or residual trauma that usually follows. Showing queer relationships across genres is so important for representation and inclusion, and this film does that perfectly (pardon the pun).

With Allison Williams of get out fame (that’s how you know it’s gonna be epic) and Logan Browning, Perfection follows troubled musical prodigy Charlotte as she returns to her former prestigious music school. Upon discovering that new star pupil Lizzie has taken her place, the couple embark on a sinister path.

This film has so many twists and turns it will give you motion sickness.

Let’s be honest, the Scream franchise has a strong queer fan base, and rightly so – the original Scream the film and the characters were created by a gay man, after all. If you want one of the newest movies to get involved this Halloween, then the 2022 release is so simple queer.

Heroine Mindy Meeks-Martin (played by Jasmin Savoy Brown) is openly queer and the film franchise’s first lesbian character, the best part being that her sexuality isn’t her defining trait – she’s more than that.

Because Scream (2022) Focused primarily on sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter, Mindy’s character isn’t explored in too much detail, but Jasmin is set to reprise her role in the sixth episode coming in 2023. So we got a taste of what’s to come – let’s keep supporting Mindy to avoid Ghostface’s wrath…

This gripping drama is sure to take you on a psychologically unsettling adventure.

Stranger by the lake follows Franck as he falls in love with Michel, an attractive, powerful and deadly dangerous man who is surely all you need to whet your appetite.

Not only will its erotic storytelling crawl under your skin, but the ambient soundtrack creates an eerie vibe throughout. It’s scary, it’s seductive, and it’s the perfect alternative to the cheesy gay party rom-coms we’ll be watching in a few weeks when the holiday season kicks off.

Let’s go back to 1975 for this classic.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show needs no introduction, given the huge global following it has garnered over time.

But, for a refresher, the movie tells the story of a flat tire that leaves Brad and Janet stranded on a stormy night. They experience strange incidents when they seek refuge in a nearby castle and, well, the rest is history.

It’s no shock that this movie earned $226 million at the box office. And with a cast including Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry and even Meat Loaf, to name just three, what’s not to love? The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a staple for Halloween costumes for a reason.

Directed by Kurtis David Harder, this film is very much an “all is not as it seems” kind of vibe.

Spiral follows a same-sex couple who move to a small town so they can enjoy a better life with their 16-year-old daughter. Well, their dream is short-lived, to say the least, as something sinister lurks beneath the city’s picturesque surface.

If you like movies that keep you guessing or that challenge your own reality, get out your popcorn and hit play on it.

A little like The Rocky Horror Picture ShowCarrie (1976) is also a queer classic in its own right.

We all know the plot – 17-year-old Carrie lived a sheltered life until she discovered she had telekinetic powers, which she put to good use after being humiliated by her peers at night of the ball.

Carrie is a powerful story and has been hailed by many as a wake-up call or pivotal moment in realizing their homosexuality. In theory, Carrie’s whole story can be an odd analogy… growing up with strict parents, ruled by religion, being bullied and ostracized, and being afraid of her own sexuality. But then Carrie realizes there is something special about her.

Carrie White’s story is a great metaphor for what many LGBTQ people are going through too (much less dramatic, of course), and it’s understandable why so many people feel a connection to the Stephen King classic.

Let’s end with a classic from 1963 – The haunting.

Is it terrifying? Absolutely. But is it gay as hell? You bet.

The film follows Eleanor and Theodora, who are asked to stay with scientist Dr. John Markway and investigate paranormal happenings at Hill House. Naturally, everything spirals out of control and creates perfect nervous horror.

The happy part? Theo is beautiful and classy, ​​not to mention a successful lesbian. The haunting came out at a time when representation was a far cry from what it is today. Even in everyday society, conversations about sexuality weren’t as open and normalized, which makes this film ahead of its time and a nice reminder of how far we’ve come.

But don’t let us fool you into thinking it’s something soft. It’s terrifying. So sleep with the light on.

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