The best horror movies on Netflix are comedies


Halloween is almost here, and everyone is making scary plans. Maybe you have this year’s hottest Halloween costumes, like Squid Game Concurrent, Squid Game Guard, and That Woman Who Cause The Tour De France crash. Yes, it was this year. What many of you may be envisioning is a movie marathon, and if you are thinking of using Netflix, you should know that by far the best horror movies on Netflix are comedies.

Horror comedy is a strange genre. At first glance, they don’t go together – horror movies scare you and comedies make you laugh, so they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. Sometimes though, even an outright horror movie can make you laugh – that’s because both genres probe the well of ridicule in the service of their purpose. Ma, for example, is a horror movie played straight out, but isn’t it kinda funny when she uses dog blood to kill someone? Or when a loose tile flips a traffic sign and beheads someone in The Omen.

Of course, they’re always funnier when they’re trying to make you laugh, and Netflix has a ton of movies like this. Since we have readers from all over the world – and I would never think of telling you which movies are online in another country so that you can use your VPN – I have divided my spooky recommendations into three categories; UK, US and Canada, plus a fourth category on Netflix Originals, which are generally available everywhere.

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Via Netflix

Starting with a bunch of Netflix Originals, which tend to be available in most territories. Netflix has invested heavily in horror comedies over the past few years, likely because they work best with cheaper B movie production values ​​and can still draw big crowds.

The best of this group is The Babysitter, and to a lesser extent its sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Jennifer’s Body is my favorite horror movie of all time, and The Babysitter is the movie that comes closest to capturing the weird, sexual, silly, and over-the-top humor of the iconic Diablo Coady murder at the high school.

The Babysitter tells the story of a teenager whose parents always hire a babysitter for him, but he doesn’t mind because she is sweet and kind and funny and hot. Oh, she’s also a demon worshiper who secretly drains her virgin blood for her worship, until one night he finds out and the ritual goes awry. Bella Thorne and Robbie Amell, playing parodies of Slutty First Girl and Shirtless Himbo, steal the show here.

Other Netflix originals to watch include: Little Evil, a comedic riff on The Omen; The Final Girls, where a teenage girl ends up starring in a live-action version of a horror movie her mother made decades ago; Vampires against. The Bronx, a criminally underrated Boyz In The Hood meets the vampire hunt in an American riff on Attack The Block; and Girls With Balls, which sounds vaguely transphobic but looks more like a French version of Bring It On, if you swap cheerleading for volleyball and friendly rivalry with the Deliverance-style chase.

There’s also Night Teeth, which I don’t think is a comedy, but as I wrote before, it’s the worst movie of the year that you absolutely must see.

Best Horror Comedies on Netflix UK

Zombieland Double Tap

In addition to all of the movies above, there are a few cool horror comedies on Netflix in Happy Old Blighty. For my money, none are as good as The Babysitter, but here are some recommendations nonetheless.

  • Zombieland and Zombieland: Double Tap – A rarity here, since Zombieland is actually a good movie and not just a collection of stupid, violent stuff that passes for entertainment. The sequel is a more typical horror comedy, and therefore I prefer it, but your mileage may vary.

  • Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, and Scary Movie 3 – They get worse as they go along, they’re so referential and nervous that they don’t really hold up, and you have to love horror movies for them. understand, but they’re not the worst thing in the world, right?

  • The Dead Don’t Die – Imagine if The Walking Dead was funny and starred Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, and Selena Gomez. Oh, and Tom Waits is there too. No excuse not to watch this one.

  • Bride of Chucky – Seed of Chucky is also on Netflix, but I maintain that Seed tries to be a true horror movie, while Bride understands what Chucky is and therefore is a much more enjoyable experience.

  • Cockneys Vs Zombies – Exactly what it says. It’s basically trying to be Shaun of the Dead.

  • Shaun of the Dead – Just in case you feel like watching the real thing instead.

Best Horror Comedies on Netflix USA

The deep blue sea

Along with all of the originals (and Zombieland and The Dead Don’t Die), there are a few Netflix USA specific horror comedies to indulge in this spooky season.

  • Deadset – Deadset is an odd recommendation for Netflix USA, as it is actually a UK TV miniseries. The premise is “what if zombies were happening during Big Brother,” with the contestants isolated from the outside world and blissfully oblivious. It was written by Charlie Brooker, who went on to write Black Mirror, if that helps.

  • Deep Blue Sea – Is It A horror horror movie? Not really, but it’s one of the best “so bad it’s good” movies and easily the best shark movie not called “Jaws”.

  • Scary Movie 4 – If you’re really desperate to watch the fourth …

Best horror comedies on Netflix Canada

Again, all the usual Netflix originals should be here – so just watch The Babysitter – but Netflix Canada has its own titles as well.

  • Beetlejuice – Say her name three times and a pretty decent horror comedy pops up.

  • Willy’s Wonderland – More of an action horror with a few chuckles, Willy’s Wonderland is essentially an unofficial Five Nights at Freddy movie, which is helpful as production on the official movie has continued to stagnate. It probably doesn’t help that FNAF creator Scott Cawthon is an outspoken Republican who donated large sums to Trump and supported the former president even after the insurgency. Either way, Nic Cage is in the game. It’s pretty good.

  • Happy Death Day 2U – The first one isn’t here, unfortunately. But if you like The Babysitter, you’ll like this.

  • Dark Shadows – Personally, I don’t find Dark Shadows very funny or very scary, but it’s technically a horror comedy I guess, so on the list it’s okay.

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