The best one-issue comics released in 2021

2021 was a year of quality for comics, such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios and other publishers have published amazing books. However, there were some numbers that stood out among the best individual comics of the year.

In 2021, we have read and enjoyed thousands of comics. We’ve already revealed our best comics of the year and our best new DC and Marvel Comics characters. However, nearly a dozen issues have caught our attention as the best single issue comics of 2021.

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Eternals # 6


Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, Matthew Wilson, Clayton Cowles (editors Kat Gregorowicz, Darren Shan, Tom Brevoort)


No issue has stunned readers more than Eternals # 6, which revealed the true tragic cost of being Eternal. The astonishing number redefined the complicated mythology of the Eternals in breathtaking ways while delivering one of the biggest twists of the year. Eternals # 6 was hands down the best Marvel comic released in 2021.

Flash # 776 – DC Comics

Doctor Fate breaks the fourth wall flash

Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeromy Cox, Rob Leigh (editors Chris Rosa, Mike Cotton)

Wally West’s return to form in 2021 was highlighted by the spectacular fun Flash # 776. The interactive Fourth Wall comic puts readers in the front seat, as Doctor Fate calls for their help through a difficult situation. The comic put the action in the hands of readers in an incredibly creative way, and ended up being a total surprise as DC Comics’ best single issue of 2021.

Immortal Hulk # 50 – Marvel Comics

Immortal Hulk 50

Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts. Cory Petit (editors Wil Moss, Sarah Brunstad, Tom Brevoort)

Immortal hulk could be the best modern comic book, period. So gluing the landing was almost a monumental task. However, the series written by Al Ewing nailed the series finale in which the Hulk uncovers the truth about One Below All. So, without too much spoiler, Immortal hulk # 50 was a perfect final of the redefining race on the Jade Giant.

Immortal Hulk: Time of Monsters # 1 – Marvel Comics

Al Ewing, Alex Paknadel, Juan Ferreyra, Cory Petit (Wil Moss, Sarah Brunstad, Tom Brevoort

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the one-shot as well Immortal Hulk: Time of the Monsters story “The time of the monsters.” What could have been an exhibition dump to explain the history of the Green Door ended up being the best one-shot of 2021. The comic told an integral, gruesome story, brought to life by Ferreyra’s stunning art.

Heroes Reborn # 4 – Marvel Comics

Rocket Raccoon Starbrand Heroes Reborn 4

Jason Aaron, James Stokoe, Cory Petit, (eds Martin Biro, Alanna Smith, Tom Brevoort)

Heroes are reborn surprised as the best Marvel Comics event in 2021, which was highlighted by Doctor Spectrum featuring Heroes Reborn # 4. In this issue, Spectrum faced off against the Starbrand-wielding Rocket Raccoon. The epic, violent and (at times) disgusting cosmic battle was spectacular thanks to James Stokoe’s incredible sense of scale and his unmatched ability to present epic action. The visual feast was an absolute delight.

Nightwing # 87 – DC Comics

Nightwing jumping around Bludhaven in DC Comics

Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, Wes Abbott (editors Jessica Chen, Ben Abernathy, Jessica Berbey)

Sometimes you read an issue and know it will win all the awards. In Night wing In the case of # 87, it would be a real shame if it did not leave with equipment because it is truly an artistic achievement. The entire comic is drawn as a continuous image as the art of Redondo and Lucas’ colors make it one of the most artistically impressive comics in 2021. More impressive still, it never looks like to a gadget. Night wing # 87 will be studied for years to show what is really possible in the comic book world.

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TMNT: Last Ronin # 2 – IDW Editions

TMNT Last Ronin Raphael Vs Karai 2

Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz, Ben Bishop, Esau Escorza, Isaac Escorza, Luis Antonio Delgado, Samuel Plata, Shawn Lee (eds Bobby Curnow, RG Llarena)

TMNT: The Last Ronin # 2 has revealed how high the stakes are in Michaelangelo’s question of stopping the Foot Clan once and for all. The story featured heartbreaking flashbacks to Raphael’s final position against Oroku Karai, as the hero fell in a burst of glory. The comic set the tone for the upcoming series and showed that no one is safe from brutal death. The problem was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.

The Beautiful House by the Lake # 1 – DC Comics

The beautiful house on the lake # 1 cropped cover

James Tynion IV, Álvaro Martínez Bueno, Jordie Bellaire, Andworld Design (editors Chris Conroy, Marquis Draper)

Without going too much into spoils, The pretty house by the lake # 1 is a DC Comics Black Label that deserves its title. The methodical horror thriller is meticulously crafted, with some truly sensational twists that have to be read to be believed. The art of Martinez Bueno and the colors of Jordie Bellaire bring the elegant world to life in a sometimes gruesome way. At the end of the first issue, readers will immediately ask for more.

The many deaths of Laila Sarr # 1 – BOOM! Workshops

Ram V, Filipe Andrade, AndWorld Design, Marie Krupina, Grace Park (editors Eric Harburn, Ramiro Portnoy)

The many deaths of Laila Starra made our best comics of the year for good reason. The first issue introduces readers to a version of Death who ends up on the mortal plane after learning that it is no longer needed. That’s all we’re going to tell you, because entering the series blindly is the best way to read it. The poetic storytelling is thoughtful, poignant and unique. Filipe Andrade’s artistry and colors are spectacular and complement Ram V’s story wonderfully. It’s a knockout issue for a series that never fails.

DC Pride # 1 – DC Comics

Danny Lore, Lisa Sterle, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Becca Carey (editor Michael McCalister)

DC Pride # 1 was the best anthology comic of the year, with consistently interesting stories centered around some of the best LGBTIQA + villains and heroes. While we recommend that you read the entire anthology, the most significant story was Jess Chambers’ story, “Clothes Makeup Gifts”. The non-binary speedster took on a new Mirror Master-type villain named Reflek, while trying to find the perfect outfit for their date with Andy Curry. It was incredibly refreshing to have a story about a non-binary hero from a non-binary writer, with the comic proving to be both fun and super cute. Plus, Lisa Sterle’s outfit designs for Jess were top notch. Now give Lore, Sterle, and Angiolini a Jess Chambers, DC Comics miniseries. Please.

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons # 1 – DC Comics

Wonder woman historia

Kelly Sue DeConnick, Phil Jimenez, Hi-Fi, Arif Prianto, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Clayton Cowles (editors Chris Conroy, Andy Khouri, Andrea Shea)

The wait was worth it Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, as the first issue of the Black Label series delved deep into Amazon mythology in what can only be described as a jaw-dropping epic. DeConnick has crafted a breathtaking story spanning millennia with Jimenez art that makes every page feel like it should hang in an art gallery. The creators are pulling all the cylinders, in what is probably their best career job. The book is truly an incredible achievement.

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