The big hits of the Dark Night, the new horror movie starring Rebecca Hall


In recent years, the most commercial horror cinema has grown into a collection of jumpscares which, while some are effective, have begun to show the formula. Most responsible for all of this was James Wan |, hand in hand with his saga The spell, but even he changed that trend a bit with his recent debut, Smart. Now, a new Searchlight Pictures movie proves that everything doesn’t have to be scary.

The black house, film directed by David Bruckner, focuses on the life of a woman who has just become a widow (Rébecca Room). As in these kinds of stories, the death of her husband will serve to reveal the most disturbing secrets. From there the journey will begin in which the viewer and Beth, the protagonist, will have a hard time discerning what is real from what is not.

Yes there is scared to The dark night, but not only are they not abused but they are perfectly located and worked. The unpredictability of the film, along with good timing to build tension, will make it very difficult not to be uncomfortable during the nearly two hours of the footage. In this context, the work of room This is one of the highlights to highlight, especially in the most suspenseful sequences.

The architecture of the film is a key character in the story. (Disney)

But when it comes to strengths, one of the best parts of The dark night is the visual. The construction of each plan is meticulously thought out, with optical illusions that will make even the most skeptical hair stand on end. Everything, in order to investigate topics such as pain, loss and its own ghosts, in a film that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible.

Other horror movies you can watch to avoid falling back on jumpscares

Horror has productions to suit all tastes, ranging from the slasher to the paranormal, not to mention the psychological, to name just a few of the more well-known subgenres. One of the studios that specialize in producing juicy short stories to create terribly scary movies is A24, some of which are easy to see on the most used platforms.

Charlie (Millie Shapiro) of Hereditary is the owner of one of the biggest scares of recent years. (IMDb)

Ari Aster and Robert eggers are two great thinkers of today’s horror stories who have worked with A24 quit works like Hereditary (HBO Max), Midsummer (Main video) and The witch. Of course, they’re not the only ones, and there are other lesser-known filmmakers than Trey Edward Shults and his cinema It comes at night (HBO Max), and directors linked to other types of more satirical stories, such as Yorgos Lanthimos with extremely uncomfortable sound Sacrifice of the sacred deer (Main video).

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