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Netflix has become more than just a streaming platform, having produced some of the best original movies and movies over the past decade. One of their latest offerings is the movie Blood red sky by writer / director Peter Thorwarth, blending elements of classic horror with a hijacking thriller to create a unique and emotional rollercoaster of a movie. As with many productions, its ending became one of the main talking points among those who saw it – so if you need to Blood red skyThe ending is explained a bit clearly, you are definitely not alone.

“Blood Red Sky” mixes action and horror

“Blood Red Sky”, available on Netflix | Netflix

Blood red sky looks like the archetypal thriller when it starts. We follow widowed mother Nadja (Peri Baumeister) and son Elias (Carl Anton Koch) as they board a transatlantic flight between Europe and New York City in hopes of finding a cure for the mysterious illness. by Nadja. Once the plane is in the air, however, it is overrun with terrorists holding the passengers hostage until they can get their ransom. An unlucky unconventional hero, a gang of armed villains in tight space, and a family member in danger raise the stakes; it’s roughly Die hard but by plane.

However, the film takes a turn one would expect. As our two heroes try to hide, one of the terrorists finds and shoots Nadja to the death – except it doesn’t work. That’s when we learn that Nadja is a vampire, having been transformed by the same creature that killed her husband. From there, Nadja gives in to her vampiric nature and goes on the attack, killing terrorists but inadvertently setting off a chain of events that results in nearly everyone on the flight either dead or turned into a vampire.

Here is the ending of “Blood Red Sky”, explained (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Earlier in the film, one of the terrorists known as Eightball (Alexander Scheer) had taken some of Nadja’s blood and used it to transform into a vampire. He was responsible for the murder of his comrades and the overturning of many other passengers. Realizing that the plane cannot land at the risk of letting these vampires wreak havoc on the world, Nadja decides to detonate the plane using the terrorists’ own explosives.

In a fight with the other vampires, Nadja is mortally wounded while protecting Elias as he attempts to obtain the bomb. Meanwhile, Eightball is killed when another passenger, Farid (Kais Setti), spins the plane around to bathe it in sunlight. To save his mother, Elias gives her some of her blood, but that only runs away for fear that she will attack him now.

The plane is forced to land in Scotland, where the authorities board stupidly despite warnings from Elias and Farid. As expected, Nadja and the other vampires slaughter those who rush in. However, Elias manages to detonate the bomb, destroying the plane and the vampires inside. The last shot of the film shows him reuniting with Farid, the two appearing to be the only survivors of Transatlantic 473.

Would there be a sequel?

One of the details many noted from the end of the movie is Nadja’s ultimate fate – which is the main reason viewers wanted Blood red skythe end is explained more clearly. Although she presumably exploded along with the rest of the vampires, it turns out that she got out of the plane when it exploded. We also never see a body or anything else suggesting that she was vaporized by the explosion. With the durability of the vampires in the movie, could she have survived?

We don’t really know at this time, and it doesn’t look like the creator of the film has a big idea either. It took director Thorwarth almost a decade to make the movie, according to / Film, so he wasn’t really making the movie with the intention of following it. Additionally, he says he’s unlikely to return to direct a sequel, which means it would ultimately be up to whoever takes the reins after him to decide Nadja’s fate.

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