The Good Nurse – Review | NetflixThriller

A very different kind of serial killer

Because The good nurse is based on a true story, the basic premise is already known. Plus, it’s revealed in the trailer, which makes perfect sense in the case of a true-crime thriller.

Jessica Chastain is stunning as always. To be fair, in The good nurse, she plays a woman with a serious heart condition who works night shifts, and it shows. I to like that she has the right to look like someone who is not healthy because obviously she is not.

Amy (Chastain) is at risk of having a stroke or just complete heart failure and it impacts everything in her life. Jessica Chastain plays this character beautifully. The real-life nurse Amy is based on is a true hero.


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Plus, you’ll see a very different type of character for Eddie Redmayne. He is very sober, which fits perfectly with this serial killer’s method of murder. Charlie Cullen (Eddie Redmayne) is neither aggressive nor angry. And really, that makes it even scarier!

Other key supporting characters also play a huge role in telling this story right. They are portrayed by Nnamdi Asomugha (When the streetlights come on), Noah Emmerich (Suspicion) and Kim Dickens (missing girl, Fear the living dead).

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